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HPB and Spiritualism

Mar 12, 2007 05:33 PM
by hari9896

In 1889, the year after Anna Kingsford's death, Edward Maitland was 
discussing various spiritualistic experiences he and "Mary" (his name 
for Anna Kingsford) had had, and in his biography of Anna Kingsford 
he wrote about this as follows:

"Speaking with Madame Blavatsky of these and other experiences, I 
remarked that her attitude towards spiritualism failed to take 
account of phenomena such as ours. To which she replied very 
emphatically that nothing she said about spiritualism applied to 
persons like us, but only to persons who are quite undeveloped in 
their spiritual nature, as the spiritualists are as a rule, and who 
can therefore hold intercourse only with phantoms and spooks, and 
such other low orders as correspond to their own level. What I had 
told her confirmed the belief she already had, that Mary had become 
what the Hindoos call a Nirmana-kaya. That is an order of souls who 
have been to such extent been adepts in their lifetime, and so far 
perfected their spiritual principles, that after death they are free, 
and able to renounce their right of immediate ascent to higher 
conditions, and remain within reach of earth in order to influence 
and instruct persons who are still living on it."

(from "Anna Kingsford: Her Life, Letters, Diary and Work" by Edward 
Maitland, vol 2, pages 423-424) 

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