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Some Comments on What Leon Has Written Part 1

Mar 12, 2007 11:23 AM
by danielhcaldwell


I will try to reply to some of your comments as they
are given in your posting at:

You write in your posting:

And, if you have any evidence that ULT or its Associate companies 
have acted in any way unethically or illegally, I wish you would 
either state them directly, or get off your high horse prosecutorial 
course of alluding and implicational questioning that apparently, 
slyly attempts to discredit ULT in favor of the TS... 

Leon, I cannot speak for either Gregory Tillett or Jake Jaqua.  I 
mention them here because they have make various critical remarks 
about the ULT.  

But as far as I know there is nothing unethical or illegal in how the 
United Lodge of Theosophists or the Theosophy Company is conducted 
and run.  I have never stated anything else.

My impression is that the vast majority if not in fact all associates 
of the ULT are very devoted and hardworking individuals devoted to 

Furthermore, in your statement above, you seem to be saying that I am 
trying "to discredit ULT in favor of the TS".  This is totally 
inaccurate and untrue.

I personally have some reservations about ALL existing Theosophical 
groups, societies and associations including the ULT but that does 
not mean that I prefer one over the other or that I don't see good in 
what all of these organizations have done.  As far as I can tell, all 
these organizations including the ULT have "lights" and "shadows".

The point (my point) that was underlying my questioning in my last 
posting to you was simply that the United Lodge of Theosophists and 
the Theosophy Company are "organized".  That they are in 
fact "organizations."  Now maybe they are organized in different ways 
from that of the other Theosophical groups/societies but still the 
ULT & TC are organized.

As a student of sociology, the ULT is an organization just as much as 
any other Theosophical society or group.  They are simply "organized" 
in a different fashion or manner.  

For example, the Pasadena Theosophical Society is organized 
differently than either the Adyar Theosophical Society or the ULT.  
Still the Pasadena TS is "organized" and is an organization just as 
the ULT is.

I have no opinion on which type of organization is best or that one 
of the types is superior or not to one of the others.

My only point was simply to say that to state that the ULT is 
not "organized" is simply not factually true.  A number of other ULT 
associates have in the past tried to maintain that the ULT is not 
an "organization" or is not "organized."

Continued in Part 2.


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