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3 of Tillett's Questions to Dennis of ULT LA

Mar 10, 2007 11:05 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Dr. Tillett in his letter to Dennis asked
a number of questions.  The first three questions

1. Does the ULT have archives (as opposed to a public or semi-public
2. By whom are the archives owned?
3. Who controls the achives [i.e. from whom does permission have to be
obtained for access]?

Now I am NOT an associate of the ULT and I cannot
speak for the ULT/Theosophy Company, but I can
answer at least one of these questions.

Is there an archives of the U L T/Theosophy company Los Angeles????

Notice what Dallas TenBroeck wrote here on Theos-Talk in 2003:

"Copied from a carbon at the archives of the U L T Los Angeles DTB
Aug 11 2002"
Quoted from:

Therefore Dallas himself confirmed that there was an "archives of the 
U L T Los Angeles". 

Dallas was the archivist. Now he probably wouldn't call himself
that but that's what I call the position which he was actually
filling. It appeared Dallas was in charge of the archives/the

A number of years ago I asked to see certain things in the ULT Los
Angeles archives and Dallas said he would have to get the permssion
of Rob McOwen who then was the President of the Theosophy Company. 

I later saw the material when I was in Los Angeles so I assume Mr. 
McOwen gave his permission.

The archives was located in the building at 245 West 33rd Street, Los
Angeles, CA 90007.

So I assume whoever is the owner of the building probably owns the
archives.     [???]

So is it the Theosophy Co. that owns the archives and maintains it or 
is the archives owned by some other entity or person?

I fail to understand why Dennis and the "powers that be" behind 
Dennis could not have simply answered these 3 questions of Dr. 

Why all the mystery and non-responses, especially if Leon's assertion 
["...each lodge is freely open for scrutiny, so long
as one knows whom one might ask that has that knowledge"] is actually 

And if someone might say that Dennis is not the right person to ask, 
then who at the ULT LA could answer those questions of Dr. Tillett 
and how does one find out "who" that "who" is?


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