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Compare the Testimony of Maurer, Ek & Tillett

Mar 10, 2007 10:15 AM
by danielhcaldwell

I ask interested readers to compare what
Leon Maurer has posted today on Theos-Talk at:

with what Carl Ek and Gregory Tillett has
written previously on Theos-Talk about
the workings of United Lodge of Theosophists/Theosophy Company.

Carl Ek has commented:

If you had questions, you never got real answers. If I asked
one of the [United Lodge of Theosophists] European Secretaries (the 
heads of the local lodges) about decisions, rules, polices etc, the 
only answer I usually got as; "Made by the people in LA". How, when, 
way [why] etc, was not easy to find out. Sometime, they told, but 
this was always followed by; "But don't tell anyone else".

Gregory Tillett has written:

My attempts to obtain direct answers to questions about the ULT have
resulted in some of the most bizarre responses, both on this site and
in direct e-mails, of my experience. It's been like trying to obtain
direct answers from politicians! For an organization that claims to
be open and non-authoritarian, the non-responses suggest an
organization more like the secret service.

Tillett also observed:

But I have never met with such a strange "we are totally open" while
being less accessible than the CIA approach than I have found with
the ULT. Individual members (including various librarians who, I
presume, could not have been librarians because "librarian"
presupposes an office!) have been kind and generous ? but have never
answered a single historical question directly unless it could be
done with an (apparently) almost memorized section of one of the ULT
official tracts. It's like trying to gather up quicksilver!


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