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Re: Theos-World ULT assets

Mar 09, 2007 11:29 PM
by leonmaurer

Ha Ha, Greg, You might as well stop this almost vendetta-like barking up a 
tree -- trying to dig out organizational or financial information from an 
association that isn't organized and that doesn't have any financial interests in 
its own name.

Since, fish as you will, here in open forum, or in the records of the state 
or country that any independent ULT physical (and metaphysical) lodge is 
registered in, you'll never find anyone who has profited from the network of lodges, 
or from any single one of them, or who even knows very much about the 
structure of their financial and property management.   Nor will you find anyone who 
is unwilling to tell you anything they do know (when asked directly) about the 
inner workings that maintains the unity of the individual lodges throughout 
the world -- where, in accord with its Declaration* < > 
pertaining to the purpose of ULT and the study of theosophy -- all knowledge 
regarding the truths of anything it knows or teaches has to be independently dug 
out using ones one's own "self determined and self devised study and effort."   
This would also hold with respect to the information about how the lodges are 
created, furnished with facilities, and managed -- without violating any laws 
of man or nature, and governed solely under the of aegis of that "Declaration" 
with no officers or directors.   So, you will never find any "authority" who 
can speak in the name of ULT.

However, there are no rules about revealing any required information about 
the inner workings of ULT, since each lodge is freely open for scrutiny, so long 
as one knows whom one might ask that has that knowledge. 

Since all you can do by bringing up such questions publicly, interrogating 
ULT associates or non associated theosophists in open forum, and by asking 
leading questions, and thereby, making   innuendoes implying possible dishonesty or 
subterfuge -- is to create suspicion and ferment rumors -- with the apparent 
implication of seemingly trying to destroy the credibility of the only 
true-to-the-Masters international group of completely "open" theosophy Lodges in the 
world (since they have no reason to keep any "books" other than theosophical 
ones).   Accordingly, it almost appears as if you were working for the Dugpas 
or the Jesuits -- as HPB might see it.   But, I'm sure you have no such 
ulterior motives other than honest inquiry.

So, those that know have no reason not to tell, since ULT -- that has no 
separate existence other than in the minds of its student-associates, or where 
it's name is written or spoken, trademarked or legally registered -- can have no 
secrets.   The trick is finding those people who know what you legitimately 
need to know, and asking them directly.

But, since you asked me ... Although I know almost as little as anyone else 
about the inner workings of, or who holds and manages the buildings and 
facilities in the score or more ULT associate groups throughout the world... I do 
know why they need no bookkeepers, and that the deed to the property of the Lodge 
that I once was active in as an associate student-teacher, is held by a trust 
set up by at least one wealthy associate who voluntarily purchased the 
building and gifted it, in perpetuity, for use of the local ULT associates and other 
independent students of theosophy.   I also know that any of the improvements 
made on and in the building, such as the central air conditioning system and 
the structure and furnishing of its theater, as well as its library and 
classrooms, were contracted for or built and voluntarily donated by other more or 
less wealthy associates and business owners, who most certainly are trustees. I 
also know that all of its property maintenance, library management and other 
services are carried out by unpaid student-associate volunteer workers -- 
except when such a worker is destitute and needs a place to live in, or other 
support -- which is furnished voluntarily by lodge associates. 

Therefore, it is obvious that each individual and independent ULT per se, has 
no centralized management, nor do they own any financial or property assets.  
 Therefore, the "group" cannot purchase anything, including a bar of soap for 
its bathroom -- which, if any associate finds missing, he or she either 
donates it, or asks whichever associate has volunteered to keep the bathroom 
supplied.   It's as simple as that.   

In direct conformance with the suggestions of the original founders of the 
theosophical movement, all charity, therefore, is strictly up to each individual 
associate -- since there is no "higher authority" in any independent lodge, 
or at the HQ Lodge in LA... Which "parent lodge" simply serves as the registrar 
of signed up associates (something that is not required to use any of the 
facilities or study classes at any independent lodge) and as the issuers of ULT 
charters in accord with certain traditional rules of group size and volunteered 
facilities... Probably modeled on the association organizational plan used 
originally by ULT founder Robert Crosbie... Who opened the first ULT in New York 
City, and then set up his headquarters at the landmark Los Angeles ULT 
building probably donated by wealthy California associates -- to be close to the 
Theosophical Publishing Company (also donated by a volunteer group of associate 
printers and publishers).   I also know that some of the books published by 
that company, and sold through each ULT, were, and probably still are, being 
bound at the New York lodge by volunteers in their binding department set up in a 
loft of their five story building.  Also voluntarily equipped for such use by 
a ULT associate.   In addition, some of the editorial work for Theosophy 
Magazine, at the time I was attending, was also done there. 

Incidentally, when I first entered that Lodge and through my own efforts, 
"learned the ropes" -- I was welcome to attend, participate in discussion, and 
vote at association meetings pertaining to the operational affairs or curriculum 
of the Lodge.   All decisions for any changes were always made by consensus 
only.  It also should be noted that, as far as I know, no ULT lodge has any 
bank accounts...   Other than a possible trust account set up by the original 
trustees and donors -- since all outside purchases or services are paid for by 
such voluntary contributions.   

So, whatever politics is played within any ULT that makes it seem as if 
someone or some small group is in control -- is simply the usual power play 
nonsense that goes on in any group that becomes complacent with the status quo and 
doesn't speak out.   But, none of that has anything to do with the Lodge's 
availability for study by serious students of theosophy.   All that needs to be 
known by any student is that anyone or clique who thinks they are in control, 
isn't.   And whatever entitlements anyone thinks they have, are the same 
entitlements that every other associate has.    

So keep on digging, if you will, in the public records, or by personal 
inquiry (hopefully without leading questions) for whatever "inside" information you 
think you need for your scholarly purposes.   But, if your motives are not 
evil, I suggest you stop interrogating theosophy students in public with leading 
questions and implied innuendoes that opens the door to suspicion and brings 
out the rumor mongers who are eagerly awaiting opportunities to destroy the 
credibility of theosophists, their lodges and their teachings.   As it is, ULT is 
the only free and independent worldwide network of theosophical lodges that 
continue to follow the original intentions of the initial teachers and founders 
of the Theosophical Movement in America -- based solely on its motto that 
"There Is No Religion Higher Than TRUTH."   For more on the nature and work of 
ULT, see:

To answer some of your questions, with the above in mind, I imagine we can 
easily figure out that any group of theosophy students can set up a ULT Lodge... 
Provided they get approval from the board of trustees of the foundation that 
holds the original charter of the parent lodge in Los Angeles established by 
Robert Crosbie under the legally trademarked and copyrighted ULT name and 
Declaration registered in California, and with the US Patent Office and Internal 
Revenue Service as a not for profit eleemosynary corporation.

Such approval would certainly require a sufficiently large study group 
working under the methods outlined by the founder, and governed by the ULT 
Declaration, for a considerable period of time, and with sufficient voluntary funds 
and/or common property to provide a lodge meeting place and register locally as 
an "independent" United Lodge of Theosophists under a non profit eleemosynary 
corporation charter identical to that of the of the original ULT foundation.   
Also, the location would necessarily have to be in a different jurisdiction 
and at a sufficient distance from any other Lodge. 

Naturally, all the members of the local founding study group would become 
trustees of the accounts set up for that particular lodge, if any.   Whatever 
money or property, then, that is accumulated by the independent lodge by 
voluntary contribution of its associates would be for its own designated use only, 
under the jurisdiction of its trustees.   Although I don't know the actual 
details of how such a lodge is set up in different locations around the world.

Since all such contributions are voluntary, ULT does not ever solicit or 
"raise money" from anyone, either associates or otherwise.   Yet every ULT service 
and facility is free and open for use by anyone "without any obligation other 
than what they themselves determine."   

Naturally, each such lodge   would use the same ULT "Declaration" as its 
governing principles, and carry out its business and internal support operations 
completely independent of any other Lodge -- including the Parent Lodge in 

To see how simply this network of independent lodges work, check out all the 
Lodges (listed on the back of each lodge's monthly meeting announcement**) 
through their pages on the Internet and find out for yourself how they cooperate 
with each other as an international network of free and open schools of 
theosophy without being dependent on each other or any central ruling body... Since, 
they are each ruled -- without any officers, directors or overseers -- solely 
by consensus of the trustees and other voluntary participating associates of 
each individual lodge, in conformance with the "Declaration" as their only 
documented "Constitution." 

In conclusion, it appears that ULT, is a national and international network 
of independent theosophical Lodges consisting of a worldwide association of 
independent student-teachers -- linked only by their common purpose guided by 
their Declaration -- and are not part of any overall or hierarchical ruling 

Naturally, this is not fully comprehended by those caught up in the material 
world's normal methods of governance, or by those who do not understand the 
meaning of "To form the nucleus of a Universal Brotherhood of Humanity without 
distinction or race, . . . etc., etc." ... The most important of the Three 
Objects of the Theosophical Movement.   ULT, is trying to assist in doing just 
that while fulfilling the other two objects to the best of its associates 
abilities and dedication to the fundamental principles of theosophy. That's about all 
there is to it.   And I think it's wonderful.   And, probably the only hope 
that any true theosophists have for fulfilling the aims, purposes and ends in 
view of the Theosophical Movement -- which is now in its last hundred year 

Hope this helps cover most everything anyone always wanted to know about 
ULT... :-)

Leon Maurer

In a message dated 3/3/07 9:43:57 PM, writes:

> notes that people in the ULT voluntarily contribute to
> the costs of its activities. He then claims that these same people
> “consensually” share in its management. The former process I understand,
> and admire. The latter process is a mystery to me and, since the ULT
> appears unwilling or unable to answer any questions about its structure
> and organization, perhaps Leon can do so.
> Let’s suppose a group of people who may or (as Leon points out) may not be
> Associates of the ULT gather to hold meetings in its name. Can anyone do
> this?  Can I set up a local group of my friends, call it a ULT meeting, and
> start collecting money in the name of the ULT? Or does such a group
> require approval and, if so, given that the ULT claims to have no
> organizational existence or officials, who can possibly give that
> approval? Who receives and controls the money? Who opens, and in what
> name, a bank account? In most jurisdictions, opening a bank account for an
> association requires at least a constitution with resolutions by the
> members approving signatories to the account, and, in many cases, some
> form of incorporation is also required.
> Let’s suppose the group buys a building in which to hold meetings and
> establish a library. In whose name is the title to the building? Who
> actually legally owns the property, and how are they chosen or appointed?
> Obviously, someone owns – for example – the extremely valuable property of
> the ULT in London: who is it? How and by whom were they chosen or
> appointed? I assume that (if I was in London) I could use public records
> to find out at least the identity of the owners.
> It’s fine to say that none of this is anyone’s business, but any group
> that collects money from the public should surely be open to some form of
> scrutiny. Does the ULT – in whatever form – claim tax exempt status? If
> so, every taxpayer (not to mention the State) has an interest in knowing
> that the benefits of tax exempt status are not being misused. It could be
> – and I’m not suggesting this in the case of the ULT – that the whole
> thing is a money-making operation benefiting a few individuals. How could
> anyone know that if the whole situation is shrouded in mystery?
> I can easily find out (indeed the relevant organizations will readily tell
> me) who are the legal owners of my local (Adyar) TS lodge building,
> Masonic lodge, Roman Catholic cathedral, Anthroposophical Society
> bookshop, St Vincent de Paul hostel and Liberal Catholic Church. They will
> tell me who owns and controls the property and the money, and how they
> were appointed and by whom.
> Will the ULT be similarly open?
> Dr Gregory Tillett

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