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Re: Discrimination

Mar 09, 2007 08:55 PM
by Anton Rozman

Some definitions from the Webster's Online Dictionary and the 
Collation of Theosophical Glossaries


1. Unfair treatment of a person or group on the basis of prejudice.
2. The cognitive process whereby two or more stimuli are 

Discrimination involves formally or informally classifying people 
into different groups and according the members of each group 
distinct, and typically unequal, treatments, rights and obligations. 
The criteria delineating the groups, such as gender, race, or class, 
determine the kind of discrimination. 

Use of the term carries the implication that the factors on which the 
discrimination is based are intrinsically irrelevant to the decision 
being influenced. Generally, the aggrieved group is considered by the 
discriminator as inferior to others. 

Synonyms: favoritism (n), favouritism (n), secernment (n).


The word discrimination comes from the Latin "discriminare", which 
means to "distinguish between".



Discrimination, good judgment; in Vedanta philosophy, the power of 
separating the invisible spirit from the visible world, spirit from 
matter, truth from untruth, reality from illusion. Literally, "a 
separating apart."

--- In, Mark Jaqua <proto37@...> wrote:
> Discrimination
>    The proponents of the "Don't Criticize 
> Anybody" philosophy (Like Adelaise, or the 
> supporters of Leadbeater or many others) 
> actually adopt the philosophy not from 
> some elevated perspective - but from a 
> personal basis that they do not want 
> anyone to criticize _them._  They have 
> some personal addiction in their life 
> or skeletons in the closet they don't 
> want anyone else to condemn. Its also 
> sometimes justifiably Fear. (Don't hurt 
> me, I don't hurt anybody.)  They want 
> to destroy your discrimination and 
> make you a fellow addict to whatever 
> their own personal afflictions are.  
> To think everyone is motivated by truth 
> is just naive.  Theosophy is about a 
> fearless seeing and searching of the 
> truth, not a feel-good club for every 
> type of depravity and philosophic idiocy.
>              - jake j.
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