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Re: Critical thinking : From Wikipedia

Mar 08, 2007 09:49 PM
by Anton Rozman

Hi Perry,

Thanks for the link. It gives the opportunity to tie up some of its 
statements with those from the Arundale's article. In Wikipedia's 
article we find:

Overcoming bias
Ways of doing this include adopting a perceptive rather than 
judgmental orientation; that is, avoiding moving from perception to 
judgment as one applies critical thinking to an issue.
One should become aware of one's own fallibility by:
1. accepting that everyone has subconscious biases, and accordingly 
questioning any reflexive judgments; 
2. adopting an egoless and, indeed, humble stance;
3. recalling previous beliefs that one once held strongly but now 
4. realizing one still has numerous blind spots, despite the 

I think that Arundale treats and don't approve "moving from 
perception to judgment as one applies critical thinking to an issue" 
because "one should become aware of one's own fallibility".

Critical thinking is absolutely indispensable and is in 
itself "theosophical". What is not "theosophical" is to create a 
judgment and treat it as some final objective truth. It can only be 
our subjective temporary capability of the perception of truth in 
regard to that issue.

Expressing judgments or subjective temporary perceptions of truth is 
essential in some production (non-psychological) process if we want 
to achieve best team's results but is destructive in human 
(psychological) relations.

Warmest regards,

--- In, "plcoles1" <plcoles1@...> wrote:
> Hi All, 
> I thought this article may be worth reading through in context of 
> current dialouge regarding critical thinking.
> Cheers
> Perry

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