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Re: Theos-World Re: Should students be concerned about Pseudo-Theosophy?

Mar 08, 2007 07:37 AM
by adelasie

Hi Nigel,

One of the most attractive aspects of theosophy is the fact that the 
student is continually urged to study and learn to think for himself, 
not to take anyone else's word for anything, to allow experience to 
illuminate the consciousness according to the basic principles, the 
laws of nature, which prevail always and eveywhere. 
> Your above statement addresses one of my stated concerns with Bishop 
> Leadbeater and Dr Besant's teachings. The mindset they brought to 
> Theosophy was one of authority, required compliance and obedience to 
> their teachings, precisely what you argue against.

Personally, when I encounter someone who demands obedience to their 
authority in matters spiritual, I stop listening to them. Theosophy 
supports this act. Organized religion, famous for inserting 
priestcraft between the student and his own inner Knower, does not 
allow for self-responsibility, one of the most important ideas 
offered for consideration by theosophy. 
> Doesn't your defence against judgement of any kind recognise a 
> difficulty here?
> How do we approach with a non-judgemental mind a body of teachings 
> which requires obedience? 
> In the name of freedom, do we permit a body of teachings, claiming 
> the theosophical title, which limit and sometimes deny us that 
> freedom? 

Does who "permit?" I am not in a position to permit or deny anyone 
reading or studying anything. Are you? What good would it do anyway? 
In the Soviet Union, when the writings of Helena Roerich were 
illegal, when possession of them was punishable by draconic means, 
people typed them up using carbons, nine per copy, and distributed 
them in secret. They survived and it could be stated that they were 
all the more prevalent for being forbidden. There is something in the 
human spirit that abhors limitation of freedom of thought. 

> It is an age old dilemma; Do we support freedom by supporting that 
> which denies us that quality?
> Do you have any suggestions?

Have some faith in our students, in each other. Realize that we are 
all students, that what one finds value in may seem valueless to 
another, but we don't know each other's hearts. Realize that 
everything exists for a purpose, that theosophy cannot be damaged by 
anyone. Forgive others for their mistakes. Remember that there is 
good and bad in everyone, that we owe it to each other and ourselves 
to be determined in our efforts to attend to the positive and let the 
negative go, remembering that what we amplify by our attention, by 
our fear, by our hate, by our censure, only becomes stronger and more 
able to prevail in the minds of those less strong and able to choose. 
Be an example of what we believe. Make our highest ideals live in our 
own daily lives, and trust to the Masters of the Lodge to handle the 
rest. We are Their hands and feet. Our obedience rightly belongs to 
Them, Who are our own Higher Selves, guiding us all the time, if we 
will only listen to the still small voice in our own hearts. Remember 
that Their ways are sometimes inscrutable to us, because we are not 
omniscient.  Remember, above all, the eternal Golden Rule, "Do unto 
others as you would have them do unto you." This alone solves a lot 
of conundrums.



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