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Adoption of Buddhism by a Christian Minister.

Mar 07, 2007 08:05 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Adoption of Buddhism 
by a Christian Minister. 

by  A. Perera 

[Reprinted from The Madras Mail, December 24, 1884, p. 5.] 

Sir, --- An interesting ceremony took place at Robinson Street, 
Cinnamon Gardens, Colombo, Ceylon, on the 17th instant, consisting in 
the public acceptance of Buddhism by a Christian Minister of the 
Established Church of England.  The Reverend Charles Webster 
Leadbeater, a clergyman from Hampshire, England, and curate of a 
church in which he but recently expounded the doctrines of 
Christianity, thereby formally severed his connection with the sect 
to which he belonged....

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