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Leadbeater's birthdate - again

Mar 07, 2007 06:57 PM
by gregory

Marie?s valiant efforts to find an explanation for Leadbeater?s deceit
regarding his birthdate are, alas, unsupported by the evidence.

1. "Leadbeater was born out of wedlock." No, the records of his parents?
marriage and his birth (both the church records and the state records, and
the census records) clearly show that he was born nine months after his
parents were married. Leadbeater?s father, Charles (1825-1862) married
Emma Morgan (1822-1882) on May 26, 1853 in St Jude?s Church in West Derby,
Lancaster. Charles Webster Leadbeater was born on February 16, 1854.

2."Leadbeater's data was somehow mixed up with his brother, who perished
at a young age." There is no record of any child born to either
Leadbeater?s father or to Leadbeater?s mother separately, or to both of
them together, other than Charles Webster Leadbeater born in 1854.

Apart from all this, the question remains as to why Leadbeater himself
declared his birth year to be 1854 in the 1881 census and to be 1847 in
the 1891 census ? both statements made on official documents with legal
penalties for providing false information.

Dr Gregory Tillett


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