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Re: Theos-World So what does this mean: "...we cull the good we find in each....."? .

Mar 07, 2007 07:29 AM
by Mauri

<<, what actually is HPB referring
to when she writes:
"....we cull the good we find in each...." ???


Her statement (elsewhere in that post): <<... like all other ancient systems, Theosophy is divided into Exoteric and Esoteric Sections.>> tends to suggest to me that, among other things  ... seems to me that it's as if she used the word "good" in the context of her references to "esoteric/exoteric," for a start, and ...  I think of Ken Wilbur's "pre/trans fallacy"  (THE ESSENTIAL KEN WILBUR, p88.) as if it might be, or might make for, in some cases, maybe, a way of coping with aspects/issues/questions re exoteric/esoteric (as when studying Theosophy or the Esoteric/Wisdom Tradition, eg, seems to me).  I'm referring to "ways of coping" (as in "for better or worse") in general.  Though we might all tend to define "good" somewhat differently re exoteric/esoteric, I think HPB hit on an interesting point when she said something to the effect (if I remember correctly) that "Theosophy is altruism pure and simple."  I don't know what she had in mind by that statement, but I'm tending to interpret that as a reference to, or possible reference to, possible spiritual/material/mental benefits that might be had, in some cases, out of making/maintaining "allies" (in various senses of the word, as in "working with karma in order to transcend karma") out of such concepts/activities/experiences as might be associated with the likes of, eg, "exoteric/esoteric," "good" and "Theosophy as altruism pure and simple," "working with karma in order to trancend karma," among other things.  Not that my comments here might not benefit from some "reading between some lines," I suspect, but ...



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