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Re: Theos-World Marie on "Do we judge them....?"

Mar 06, 2007 02:30 PM
by Scribe

Marie and Daniel,
Please allow me to add my agreement to what each of you just said. I started out by reading Isis Unveiled and then the Secret Doctrine. At the end of that heavy dose of HPB I welcomed any help I could find to interpret and expand--actually to start understanding--what I had read. And I haven't stopped.

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  Subject: Theos-World Marie on "Do we judge them....?"

  Hi Marie,

  A great post of yours!

  I would say that if we do "judge" them we should never do it harshly 
  and with bitterness.

  We should try to gain further insights that might help ourselves and 
  possibly others.

  We might even contemplate on how the Masters would view their work, 
  their actions, etc.

  We should always ask ourselves: Do I really know the full story 
  about them? Am I jumping to conclusions?

  Notice how in HPB's own case, she has been condemned for this, that 
  and the other by various writers, outside critics and even 
  Theosophical students. If she has been misjudged, then that should 
  make us pause and consider whether we are possibly misjudging Besant 
  and Leadbeater.

  And if we had been in their shoes, would we have done any better?

  It is so easy to pass judgment... people do it all the time....

  If they (Besant, Leadbeater, Olcott) made mistakes and had failures, 
  should at least remember that they had contacts with the Masters thru 
  H.P.B. And no doubt were on "probation". We simply have to read in 
  the Mahatmas Letters about the difficult trials and tribulations of 
  the probationary path. 

  Again if we could put ourselves in their places, would we have done 
  any better? We might have done even worse!

  And even tho I have certain reservations about Mrs. Besant's and Mr. 
  Leadbeater's teachings and claims, I always keep in mind that it was 
  that I first discovered Theosophy.

  I am thankful that they wrote those two books and that certain 
  Theosophists had donated the books to the college library where I 
  discovered them.

  Enough of my rambling off the top of my head.



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