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There can only be one teaching????

Mar 05, 2007 08:08 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Bruce, thanks for writing what you did BELOW.  I hope some of us will 
discuss here on Theos-Talk some of the issues involved in what you 


There can only be one teaching.

The other problem with Besant presenting her own teaching as a further
product of the Masters is that she has set a precedent. The next
person to come along and claim to be a chela of the Masters and
present a third version of the Masters' teachings must be entertained
as equally legitimate as Besant and Blavatsky. After all, we claim
freedom to believe what we choose don't we?

We can end up with as many different sets of Masters' teachings as
there are theosophists. This is just another form of relativism or
Separatism, exactly what theosophy is not about. In some ways this is
why there is not a whole lot of meaningful discussion among
theosophists about the philosophy itself. Everyone has their own
tradition that claims different things. If there were only one set of
teachings we would all be forced to be familiar with it and discussion
could ensue. Whether the teachings given out by HPB are right or
wrong, they are a starting place for us all.

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