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Re: Theos-World Leadbeater & Pseudo-Theosophy

Mar 04, 2007 08:29 PM
by Cass Silva

Look what has arrived in my mail box.  HPB is the incarnation of the Virgin Mary!!!  Besant the Mother Superior but poor lowly Leadbeater doesn't even get a mention!!!
  Page 26: We have discovered that Muhammad was an incarnation of Virgen Mary, and the tyrant Mohammed who caused his death, and influenced those people to become Moslems, was an incarnation of Moses whom esoteric histories prove served the devil.
  Page 17: Saint Hilarion is recognized by the Occult world as an incarnation of Virgin Mary who served as many other martyrs of the past.
  Virgin Mary
  The following excerpts were taken from ?I DO? Booklets and ?TRUTH? News Letters. 
  Booklet I: ?Keys to Truths Unrecognized?
  Page 30: In the study of symbolism it has been determined that it is VIRGIN MARY who is shown as the LION who wields a sword, the handle of the sword forming a cross.
  Booklet III: ?Truths to Make You Free?
  Page 32: She (EVE) was also the original ISIS who cut OSIRIS (CHRIST) to pieces and scattered the ?pieces,? ? meaning she uprooted HIS organization and scattered the Disciples of that time in every direction. The second ISIS, or VIRGIN MARY, tried to find all the ?pieces? and unite them. The first and evil ISIS is the same as EVE who is called ?Mother Superior? in the Kabbala, known to Theosophists as Besant, who is shown in India as the Dark Kali standing on the body of White Kali (Virgin Mary) who was known as MASTER HILARION in one incarnation.
  Akashic records show Madame Blavatsky as having been an incarnation of VIRGIN MARY who long ago was the ANANDA and GAUTAMA Buddha who became the LORD BUDDHA. This was just an example of the functioning of ?THE TWINS,? one becoming the other.
  Page 35: After five hundred and fifty lives of fighting negative forces Mrs. Blavatsky finally developed power enough to overcome the Devil in this AGE. Akashic records show her as THE WORLD MOTHER OF SPIRIT, or ?THE WOMAN? of Revelations who was known in another life to have been MARY the MOTHER of JESUS. THE CHILD will be given to HIS MOTHER when he comes and the writer has been informed that negative laborers have been told to contest THE MOTHER?S right to THE CHILD. GOD would not give HIM to another and HIS judgment will have to be considered right.
  Booklet VIII: ?Reincarnation Presents the Christ Again?
  Page 25: It was wise that the reincarnate Mary said nothing. It was not intended that she be ?spotted?. Not even the reincarnate Ann of the time of Jesus, who was the mother of her body this time, could remember who she had been, or understand why she dreamed repeatedly of a promise of having an unusual child. She had no idea of the prophecy that her child, who had once been Ananda, was to inherit His power in this Age when He would rise from King, to ?King of Kings?, or to the accumulated power and glory of all of His past incarnations, some of which were Buddha, Khattab of Egypt, Kuthumi of Occult understandings, Krishna of India and many others where He was loved and honored as a great Teacher.
  Page 33: At times Michael and Gabriel, the higher plane manifestations of Christ and Mary ?appear? with her. Some have reported seeing Christ ?appear? through her body to further the proof of her identity.
  Booklet IX: ?A Little Child Shall Lead Them?
  Page 10: Since the soul once known as Mary was one with that known as Apollo, it could be expected that she would be born on his birth date which was the seventh of February. Since she was to be initiated into ?the works that I do and even greater? as He stepped up to become ?King of Kings?, certain other specifications became necessary which we found true of the woman we have determined is the reincarnate Mary.
  Page 16-17:  In every account we can find of the Mother?s incarnations, she had other children whose souls were approved for work with the Holy Family. In every age when she fought evil by lifting the lids of deception she carried the Holy Cross, which the handle of a sword in the hands of many of her statues symbolizes. The ?two-edged sword? the Bible mentions, represents the power of the two great Angels Michael and Gabriel on higher planes, whose physical counterparts were Christ and Mary.
  Page 17: Saint Hilarion is recognized by the Occult world as an incarnation of Virgin Mary who served as many other martyrs of the past.
  Page 26: We have discovered that Muhammad was an incarnation of Mary, and the tyrant Mohammed who caused his death, and influenced those people to become Moslems, was an incarnation of Moses whom esoteric histories prove served the devil.
  News Letter No. 17
  In all ancient histories, as well as later records, we find a number of women Chosen for very important work against evils of this world. VIRGIN MARY gave the Christ Child each time for ?sheep of other folds ye know not of.? Madame Blavatsky was instrumental in opening the ways for large-scale evil to be recognized since the beginning of time. Queen Nefertiti of Egypt was loved because of work against evils of her time. Joan of Arc served the two Positive Masters of Wisdom in saving France, while the third member of that triad stood by to make certain that she was burned at the stake.
  Any tourist can find in St. Peters in Rome where ancient prophecy is beautifully carved in stone to show Virgin Mary finally getting Eve down and standing on her. Because St. Francis is known by the Occult World as an incarnation of Virgin Mary, the story is done again showing St. Francis chaining the devil. And to bear out the same fact, because Gabriel is known to be the higher plane manifestation of Virgin Mary, another record done in stone shows Gabriel chaining the devil who is portrayed as a man with bat wings (of darkness) instead of holy wings usually symbolizing an angel of light.
  News Letter No. 35
  Wise Men of this Age who are identified with ?Stars of Heaven cast to earth,? are well aware of the ?fall of Lucifer for a thousand years? which took place in October 1955 as we have repeated many times, (because of the inconsistencies, injustices and confusions caused ?the elect,? who had incarnated for the specific purpose of finally ?unveiling Isis? who was an incarnation of Lucifer, who ?cut Osiris? (Christ) to pieces as Ancient histories claim.) This means that the physical counterpart of Lucifer, whose name was Isis, confused the plan for that Age and divided (cut) the Disciples away from their Master to spoil the Plan for that Age. The story credits ?the second Isis,? or soul later known as VIRGIN MARY who tried to find the Disciples. She built a shrine wherever she found one of them. The story has been worked, reworked, interpreted and misinterpreted so many times that actual facts have long since lost their real essence.
  News Letter No. 40 wrote:          
In a message dated 3/4/2007 5:36:40 PM Central Standard Time, writes:

As a former member of the Adyar Society, I can say that 
members can belong to Adyar and still not belong to that church, at 
least until you get booted out.

I've never been a fan of Besant and I've made a lot of jokes about 
Leadbeater at Olcott and they never even considered booting me out.

We have to look at these people in the context of their time and in that 
context they were weird, no doubt, but they were not that out of the ordinary. 
It was a period that still revered the idea of authority vested in 
individuals, yet if you look at the old issues of The Theosophist, there was a chorus 
of criticism when George Arundale, in 1913, stated that since Mrs. Besant was 
in constant contact with the Masters (who undoubtedly had many laughs at her 
expense) everything she said should be considered as coming from the Masters. 
He was nearly lynched.

Chuck the Heretic
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