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Re: "the greatest muckraking biography of CWL"????

Mar 04, 2007 05:51 PM
by hari9896

--- In, "danielhcaldwell" 
<danielhcaldwell@...> wrote:
> Dear hari9896,
> You write about "the greatest muckraking biography of CWL
> ever published."
> What specific biography are you referring to?  Title?  Author?

I don't want to mention that because I don't want to publicise the 
> But much more importantly, can you give us more details about WHY 
> have described this biography as "muckraking"?

Because I think the book is, in its account of all the alledged 
sexual activities it describes, a collection of lies, misunderstoods, 
fantasies and salacious useless gossip which only serves to unjustly 
and untruly malign a man who is already down and unable to defend 
himself (not that it would have done him any good trying)

Its a completely useless book.
> Are you suggesting that the author of this biography should NOT 
> included such "muckraking"?

No because such muckraking was the sole purpose of the book, as far 
as I can see. The author would have lacked motivation to write it 
without the muck. Therefore it would be better if it had never been 
published because then CWL would not have been maligned and people 
would not have been deceived by it.
> In other words, how should the biographer have dealt with the 
> biographical events which are labelled by you as "muckraking"?

It would be a good idea to separate fact from fantasy for a start. 
If speculating that harmful fantasies might have been real will cause 
many mindless dupes to believe they were it would be in the public 
interest not to speculate.

What you've described as "biographical events" were imho all 
imagination and would only act as fuel for other sickos to believe 
CWL was a pervert.

Don't forget we're dealing here with nearly everyone's favorite 
subject. Even a small mention of it is like a spark that can start a 
forest fire. Many years ago when working with laborers digging 
ditches etc I found that thenumberthatcomesafterfive was something 
they would talk aqbout endlessly, for hour after hour after hour. 
These normal men were mad on the subject, which was their main reason 
for living and their main motivation in life. Even people who hate it 
often love to wallow in salacious gossip and use it as a club to beat 
their enemies with. eg accusing innocent people of pedophilia, of 
which we read so much in the media these days.

I quote from the post of Mark Jaqua, elsewhere on this board:

Quote for Sun., Mar. 4

".... A human being is at least ninety-eight
percent subconsious mind and at most two
percent conscious mind. The conscious two
percent spends much of its time trying to
explain, after the fact and in logical terms,
what the ninety-eight percent subconsious mind
decided to do and did."

- Charles Sheffield, "Proteus in the Underworld"

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