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Re: Theos-World Re: Should students be concerned about Pseudo-Theosophy?

Mar 04, 2007 07:20 AM
by adelasie

Hi Nigel, 

I apologize for not reading all your postings on this matter. I 
picked the thread up in mid stream as it were. You are obviously very 
sincere in your quest for truth, and your past experience seems to 
have given you motive for trying to protect others from mistakes you 
may have made or might have made. It might be a good idea to consider 
the impersonal view in this matter. Stepping aside from the question 
of what is good for this or that individual student (which we may or 
may not know anything about at all), we can sometimes gain 
perspective by moving away from a position of personal involvement 
and viewing the situation from the position of impersonal forces. 
Ultimately this is the only way to understand anything. When we 
resist evil, we give it strength. The Disintegrator, the force of 
separation, is the enemy, the source of evil for the human race. This 
disentegrating force dwells in all levels of manifestation. We deal 
wilth it all the time. All that tends toward separation and disunity 
is contrary to the successful trend of human evolution. When we, as 
students and/or teachers, are faced with a dilemma, we can gain 
perspective by asking ourselves, "Am I working for unity, or for 
separation? Will what I say and do tend to unite, or to separate?" 
Honest self-evaluation will give us the answer, and, according to 
what we aspire to, we may proceed, or we may adjust our course. If we 
discover that we are generating resistance to some negative aspect of 
human experience, vibrating one pole of nature, so to speak, and 
thereby energizing its opposite pole, which is often the very thing 
we thing we are fighting against, we may see that we are actually 
working at cross purposes and may even be "working for the enemy," 
without even knowing it. 

These thoughts are offered in a general sense. There is no desire to 
accuse or blame. Only you have the right to decide the right course 
for yourself. Ultimately all we can do for each other is encourage 
and support. A lot depends upon our daily thoughts, words, and deeds, 
and the best teaching we can do for each other and for the world is 
by example, every day in every way.

On 4 Mar 2007 at 5:47, nhcareyta wrote:

> --- In, "adelasie" <adelasie@...> wrote:
> Dear Adelasie and all who might wish to participate in this discussion
> Adelasie, thank you for this ongoing, interesting dialogue, thereby 
> providing an opportunity for these issues to be further aired. I have 
> had conversations on these matters with many people over a number of 
> years and it's always refreshing when participants are willing to 
> thoroughly investigate them instead of taking a defensive or 
> protectionist position. In this manner each can learn from the other 
> in an atmosphere of mutual respect. So, thank you again.


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