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Re: CW Leadbeater Site

Mar 04, 2007 02:23 AM
by hari9896

--- In, "Ben Scaro" <bscaro@...> wrote:

> The fellow admitted acts which constituted sexual activity with 
> There is little more to say on this, surely . . .
> Ben

Actually he didn't. I read the greatest muckraking biography of CWL 
ever published and in it there is a report of his so-called trial by 
Olcott and Mead. Leadbeater only said that it might be possible that 
there was some "indicative action" in his dealings with boys, 
although he scarcely recalled. In view of the fact that the 
nature of the "indicative action" he was being asked about was never 
explained, I think that the action he was talking about would 
probably have been something like a small dismissive wave of the hand 
to "indicate" to the person he was trying to help that there was 
nothing for him to be worried about.

 Radha Burnier told me in a reply letter over ten years ago that she 
had discussed these matters with Dick Clarke and he told her that the 
alledged activities never happened and he would have known if they 
had,and what he told her is good enough for me. It's true that a 
satanic cult might kick one of their members out on the street if 
he "spilled the beans" on their secret activities, but in the case of 
Leadbeater and the TS I don't think there would have been any "beans" 
to spill. Nor do I think the TS - whose motto is "There is no 
religion higher than truth" - is a satanic cult.

Some people can misinterpret things they are told, others will 
deliberately lie about their enemies, others can misremember things. 
I think all the discussion about what CWL 'might' (or might not) have 
done is highly unethical because it only surrounds him with doubt 
which is not deserved. His books are a much clearer and more easily 
understandable introduction to the teachings of Theosophy - or at 
least his and Annie Besant's version of it -  than those of 
HPB. "Outline of Theosophy" for instance which can be found 
online at "Our Online Theosophical Documents" via web search.

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