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Theos-World Re: The Silence of ULT

Mar 03, 2007 12:47 PM
by proto37

MKR writes (Below):

    Funny, the Theos-digest with this in it, I never got.  The whole
question is not illegality - like a normal business - but Theosophical
ETHICS  - Why in the world should any theosophy group that isn't
phoney have all this money when it could be used to spread theosophy
or alleviate suffering - not so much by US standards, but one could
buy a whole province in Africa with it.  It makes me sick physically!
 It is absurb and all you people are self-hypnotized and brain-washed.

    I know a guy - and many do - who spent 30 years publishing
theosophically-oriented books, who lives within 100 miles of ULT-LA. 
He has spent his whole life in "deep poverty", and he didn't have to,
as he could have chosen to make money with his credentials.  Here this
guy (and others like him) is/was nearly on the street for the sake of
Theosophy - yet these phonies in LA could have helped out in a million
ways - or helped others out in similar state - but they just sit on
their complacent and fat phoney asses.....

       No wonder Theosophy is nearly a dead-hulk ship at sea.....

              - Jake J.

--- In, "M K Ramadoss" <mkr777@...> wrote:
> Based on my professional experience, if there was any illegality
about the
> money in their bank account or its use or management, then those
> would have been prosecuted under state and federal laws and sent to
> So I do not see any problem with any organization having any amount of
> funds.
> If anyone has specific information about any illegality/mismanagement of
> funds, then such information will be welcome and we can ask the US
> and state authorities to investigate and take action and they will.
By the
> way I am not a member of ULT, so that everyone can know where I come
> mkr
> On 2/28/07, Mark Jaqua <proto37@...> wrote:
> >
> >   Re: The Silence of the ULT
> >
> That
> > 6 million in the bank really woke me up
> > on that.
> >
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