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Re: Should students be concerned about Pseudo-Theosophy?

Mar 02, 2007 06:04 PM
by nhcareyta

--- In, Drpsionic@... wrote:
> The concept of psuedo-theosophy would imply that there is only one 
true  way, 
> but Theosophy teaches that there are many ways, so there is 
> somewhere.  Maybe HPB was having a bad day when she worried about  
> Chuck the Heretic

Dear Chuck
Your point is well made about there being "many ways". 
The term pseudo-theosophy however does not necessarily imply there is 
only one way.
Theosophy does have core doctrines that include an open mind and 
heart which lead to their liberation. Any "theosophical" teachings 
which entrap and enslave them, such as blind, ill-considered belief 
in lies and misrepresentations might deserve the title "pseudo".
Moreover, any teaching, which advocates raping and pillaging, might 
not be considered Theosophical, although from your heretical 
perspective this may not be the case :)

Kind regards

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