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Re: Theos-World not getting theos mail

Mar 01, 2007 10:51 PM
by samblo

In a message dated 3/1/2007 4:09:30 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

 Thanks for the post, interesting read and content. You may recall a while 
back I was posting on the term "Kinnara" relative to Judge and gave links on the 
term. Well, one of the transliterations of Kinnara/Kinnari is "Canary" as in 
the Canary Islands. I am uncertain yet that the distribution along the 
coastline and rivers can incontrovertibly indicate they were Atlantean, there are 
views that the coastal travelers were a great deal more pervading than localized 
as they can have traveled around the Cape of Good Hope and then northward 
having come from the far east that way and going the other way from the land 
bridge to Alaska and then south to Tierra Del Fuego and then north again. 
   Prior to the ends of the great Ice ages European land was not habitable, 
the great "sanctuary" that preserved the living from the dead was in North 
Eastern Siberia from which many waves of migration occurred that provided the 
later populations that became the European Cultural Peoples.Sir Mark Aurel Stein 
traces a lot of interesting foundations. Read the four Articles "Siberia's 
Valley of Death."
   Prof. Arthuro Posnansky in his "Tiahuanaco Cradle of American Man" 4 Vol. 
has a volume dedicated to the survey of the skull types he catalogued there it 
is worth looking at. The reconstructed skull of the principal Peer group 
there he Named the "Kholla" a name found in the Hindu Purana for a people there in 
India. The reconstruction in clay strongly resembles the Lakota Sioux Indian.

  Cro-Magnon in the articles are very interesting to be sure but the 
residuals they use as Atlantean examples are not the high civilization that was 
advanced technologically that was mentioned historically and is greatly removed in 
time from the alpha-omega time line overall of Atlantis I think in my opinion.
 I have seen Science posts online in the last three months on newest findings 
on the DNA of Cro-Magnon, Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens If I remember right 
they showed
that even though the types coexisted and subsisted as interfacing ethnicity's 
for long periods the DNA was not related specially in the case of the 


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