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Re: The Silence of ULT

Feb 28, 2007 07:33 AM
by Mark Jaqua

Re: The Silence of the ULT

    Well, Maybe ULT-LA is silent not 
because of any philosophic principle - 
but because they are big Phonies! That 
6 million in the bank really woke me up 
on that.  The teachers said "gratitude" 
is one of their prinicples - well, 
stuck-in-the-mud scholar or not, Blavatsky 
Theosophists owe Tillet a debt of gratitude 
for his "Elder Brother" book - and by not 
even demeaning their phoney-royal presences 
to even respond...... ULT-LA breaks this 
principle.  (Those few money-people who are 
still there.)

    ULT's "principle of impersonality" - 
is it based on anything suggested in the 
original writings?  ULT will not even respond 
to letters.  Was Blavatsky, Olcott, Judge 
....... or even K.H. or Morya "impersonal" 
in such a way?  No they decidedly were not.  
They Personally anwered correspondence and 
in a human and personal way.  They didn't 
sign themselves "The Theosophical Society"..... 
They signed their correspondence "H.P.B.", 
"Olcott," "Judge," "K.H." or "M."

     This dead cult has held many theosophist 
in a mental prison for too long, by their 
artifical and not-based-on-the-teachings 
approach.  Better to let the dead bury the 
dead and proceed forward with Theosophical 
work on a more healthy, realistic, and human basis.

           - jake j.


<7a. The Silence of the ULT
    Posted by: " 
    Date: Mon Feb 26, 2007 5:01 pm ((PST))

<I suspect few readers will be surprised to note that I have received 
not a single acknowledgement, let alone reply, to any communication to the 
ULT. I presume that the authorities (which it does not have) of this
organization (which it isn't) have decided (which they can't since they
don't exist) that silence is the better response.

<I am therefore no better informed as to whether ULT archives exist and, 
if so, where and under whose control.

<Since it appears be impossible to obtain any information from the ULT,
presumably it is impossible to know whether any claim made by or about
that non-organization is true or false.

<A curious situation indeed!

<Dr Gregory Tillett

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<7b. Re: The Silence of the ULT
    Posted by: " </ym/Compose?>" </ym/Compose?> leonmaurer1
    Date: Mon Feb 26, 2007 10:22 pm ((PST))

<And that's just the way it was designed to be.   ;-)   To keep all you 
historians who are not interested in the teachings, but only their 
organizational trappings, and personal peccadilloes, in the dark so as to prevent all 
the infighting that has so destroyed all past and present theosophical 
organizations in their efforts to spread broadcast the teachings of HPB, WQJ and their 
Tibetan Masters, and to fulfill the objects of the Theosophical Movement.   
Hooray for the scattered independence of ULT associates and all its lodges 
that teach each other but don't keep public records or have any headquarters to 
keep them in even if they had them. :-)

<Prof: Leon Maurer
<a.k.a. Lenny the loner

<7c. Re: The Silence of the ULT
    Posted by: " 
    Date: Mon Feb 26, 2007 10:33 pm ((PST))

>Well, you see the anonymity of the ULTers makes communication among 
relatively difficult as none of them have any idea who is going to say  
>But that's ok as all they do is quote Judge.
<Chuck the Heretic


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