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Re: CW Leadbeater Site

Feb 26, 2007 09:54 PM
by Ben Scaro

> One has to wonder about the ethical values of people who STILL 
> believe all those lies about CWL. What does this say about them 
> personally? How can they believe the word of people who hated him 
> enough to lie about and persecute and calumniate him? Dick Clarke 
> said before he died as an old man at Adyar that as an ex-soldier 
> man of the world he would have known if such activities had been 
> going on, and they had not been. 

I am not sure the category 'man of the world' automatically makes one 
an expert on paedophilia.  

The fellow admitted acts which constituted sexual activity with boys.

There is little more to say on this, surely . . .


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