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Re: Theos-World Alice Bailey and Theosophy

Feb 26, 2007 05:40 PM
by Scribe

Hi, Marie,
Yes, that is close to my path and exactly what I was referring to regarding the "esotericism" inherent in the Seth material. I won't go into other instances of it but I do not recall discrepancies in its "teachings" from HPB et al except for a big difference in language and angle of approach. In time I became "proficient" in both schools and the question crossed my mind if the Seth material couldn't have been done by some (Jane & Robert) who were very conversant with theosophy appropriating it to become "their own" new Sethian philosophy, but I discounted that because of its sustained continuity of thought and purpose and highly original character.

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  John, I have mentioned this before on this forum. It was the Seth material by Jane Roberts that led me to begin my inquiries. It was in 1975 that I first encountered the first book. I recall a concept that was mentioned that struck me as insane. It was "thought creates reality." I mulled over that and as I did, I was led along on the stream until I found Blavatsky.


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