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Leadbeater misunderstood - again

Feb 26, 2007 04:54 PM
by gregory

The strangely paranoid posting from hari9896 []
conveniently leaves out a few things. For example:

1. “Dick Clarke said before he died as an old man at Adyar that as an
ex-soldier and man of the world he would have known if such activities had
been going on, and they had not been.” To whom did Dick say this? I know
what Dick said to me, what I wrote down during my interviews within him at
Adyar, and what Dick had said to others who recorded his statements in
writing. Dick was anxious that if he was disclosed to be giving
information to me he might, in his old age and limited finances, be thrown
off the Adyar estate. However, he did not ask that I conceal his name.
Dick provided detailed accounts of curious activities at The Manor
involving Leadbeater and the boys.

2. [Leadbeater] “was completely innocent of all those charges of being a
pervert and teaching innocent boys masturbation.” Shame, then, about the
transcript of the Committee established by Colonel Olcott to enquire into
the allegations. In that enquiry Leadbeater admitted (i) “teaching”
masturbation, (ii) using “indicative action”, (iii) involving
pre-pubescent boys, (iv) involving boys who had not gone to him for advice
regarding masturbation, and (v) the possibility that “touch” might have
been involved. Leadbeater did not challenge the transcript or its

3. “lies like the following typewritten letter” [the so-called Cipher
Letter]. If the Cipher Letter was a forgery or a fraud, why didn’t
Leadbeater simply say so? He was asked if he had written it, and did not
deny having done so.

4. When the allegations were vaguely reported in a Sydney newspaper, one
of Leadbeater’s disciples initiated an action for defamation.
Unfortunately for him, Leadbeater refused to give evidence under oath or
to be cross-examined, so the case collapsed, leaving the disciple with
massive costs to meet (both his own and those of the newspaper which he
was ordered to pay).

Dr Gregory Tillett


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