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Re: Theos-World Re: CW Leadbeater Site

Feb 26, 2007 04:35 PM
by Cass Silva

Hi Adelasie
  I was thinking along the lines of Universal Truths - The moon is a Universal Truth.  If one looked at a reflection of the Moon and thought it was the actual moon they would be wrong in their assumption, whether fragmentary or not.
  "Israel Putman, crawling on hand and knee to kill the she-wolf in her den, partially affords a parallel by which to estimate the chemist's courage in groping in the dark after the ugly truth; but Putman killed his wolf, and Tyndall was devoured by his! "Sub mensa desperatio" should be the motto on his shield." Isis P 176/1
  Thought I would put in a bit of HPB's humour

adelasie <> wrote:
          HPB gave us a great image of truth. There is one Truth, and many 
reflections, like the reflections of the full moon on the waters of a 
lake. Each reflection is a fragment of the original truth, but none 
contains the whole truth. It is also stated that two diametrically 
opposite statements can both be true. It's all a matter of point of 
view. When we start making decisions (judgements) about who is right 
and who is wrong, whose truth is more true and whose is less true, we 
get onto a very slippery slope, and most likely we slide a bit, or a 
lot. Humanity's history is full of atrocities, all based on this 
process, which all boils down to "my god is better than your god." 

Why not live and let live? Who among us can really honestly say we 
know what is right for another? Isn't it enough of a challenge to 
figure out what is right for ourselves?


On 25 Feb 2007 at 18:03, Cass Silva wrote:

> For me Adelasie, there is no such thing as a half truth. What better way to disfragment?
> Cass


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