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Re: Alice Bailey and Theosophy

Feb 26, 2007 01:37 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, Kenneth Sørensen <kentaurnetx@...> 

> I have collected a lot of comments from Alice Baileys books about 
> psychism and how it turns into glamour. CWL plays a major role in it

> You can find it here:  Alice Bailey and theosophy – A case study in 
> psychism

All your article is undermined by one fact - Leadbeater is quoted 
in "Treatise on the Cosmic Fire" as a valueable source!
What need is for a Master to quote such a dubious author? Even if 
Leadbeater was right in the quoted fragment by mere chance, it would 
be better to write the same thing in other words without giving such 
an advertizement to the author who is prejudical in other aspects.
So Bailey and Leadbeater are rather interdependent.

I leave now out of consideration who was Tibetan - the Master or just 
a mere spirit-guide. But the one thing is sure: he was the entity 
quite distict from Alice Bailey. She was negatively disposed to 
Leabeater; Tibetan has quoted him more than once, though once he has 
referred to what can be considered a technical error.
The difference of views between Tibetan and Bailey is not only in 
their attutude to CWL but also in attitude to vegetarianism. Tibetan, 
like CWL, is for vegetarianizm while Bailey regards it not important.

Another example of dependance of Tibetan from Leadbeater.
In the books by A.A.B. the Master Jupiter is often mentioned.
We don't know any Jupiter from the erlier theosophical literature.
But Jupiter was introduced by Leadbeater as a mere nick name in his 
book "Man: how from and whither", that very book which Bailey condems 
in her biography!
Regardless of the actual existance of that Master, the name Jupiter 
is surely Leabeater's invention made for convenience only what he 
himself admits giving the long table of these nicknames.

So C.W.L. & A.A.B. are interlinked so closely that we should either 
accept or reject them both.

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