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Re: Theos-World Re: CW Leadbeater Site

Feb 25, 2007 06:03 PM
by Cass Silva

For me Adelasie, there is no such thing as a half truth.  What better way to disfragment?

adelasie <> wrote:
          Perhaps if we try to remember the last sentence in this post and 
forget the rest, we'll be making some progress.

> Since it has been proven beyond most anyone's
> doubt that Leadbeater was a pedophile (failed
> probationary chela) (And one should check out his
> black tantric "exoteric" meditation method in Tillet's
> book....) - One has to wonder about the ethical values
> of people who STILL support him. What does this say
> about THEM personally? How can they not be so
> disgusted that they throw him out? They always bring
> up that there is _some_ truth in CWL. Well, you have
> to have a little truth in any Big Lie to pull it off. 

This is not what theosophy is about.

> There is _some_ truth in any one and any system.

This is. Concentrate on this last statement and forget the rest. 
Simple, maybe, although not easy. But it does help in the general 



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