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Re: Theos-World Alice Bailey and Theosophy

Feb 25, 2007 06:12 AM
by Scribe

Hi, Ton,

Well, if you're asking me, remember I say I'm self-read, self-studied, and have had no formal training in this subject. But starting around 1975 I took time off and read and studied HBP's major books, then I started on AAB's books, then I found Jane Roberts/Seth books and devoured them--all the while reading Edgar Cayce, even visiting his ARE center in Virginia Beach. I also studied and learned astrology during this time. All these studies continue to the present day, and through HPB and her subsequent lineage (de Purucker, Barborka) I've developed an affinity for Buddhism. I see everything along the lines of the Ancient Wisdom. In the past two weeks I've reread Plato's Timaeus and Phaedo, Heraclitus fragments and Proclus (all Thomas Taylor translations where available; I have all Wizard's Bookshelf).

But what I'm leading up to--the hallmark of all this--is that I feel I'm on the right track, source-wise and information-wise, because with these three or four or five sources or "channels" there has been hardly any contradiction! It seems like they're all talking about the same subjects but in their own way using their own vernacular. The one outstanding question that remains for me from these different sources is about Jesus Christ, did he exist, who he was, was it all myth and symbol? 

So, the short answer to any link between HPB/Masters and Jane Roberts/Seth is that I don't recall any linkage of their names but their subject-matter, if valid, must be of the same phenomena only looked at from different angles. It was the mention of the date '1975' that perked up my ears. 

If you'd like to look into who might be the "early next century" teacher my vote would be the Emmanuel books--which in a very nice way seems so sum up all the above into today's language, and without any Sanskrit terms. :)

I am just a student.


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  > Regarding the mention of the year 1975 I'd like to ask you to comment on 
  > the Jane Roberts/Seth books which came out around that time and which were 
  > a tour de force of esoteric information in their own right.

  I read a couple of them many years ago. Good to see them mentioned here. 
  What is the link oh them to HPB ?



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