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Re: Theos-World Alice Bailey and Theosophy

Feb 24, 2007 08:27 PM
by Scribe

Bravo! Kenneth, you did a great job. I also am from HPB and AAB (and others) and it is refreshing to meet someone who knows the connection and continuity between them. Your broad and educated view confirms my disenchantment with CWL and admiration for most of AB's work.

Regarding the mention of the year 1975 I'd like to ask you to comment on the Jane Roberts/Seth books which came out around that time and which were a tour de force of esoteric information in their own right.


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  From: Kenneth Sørensen 
  Sent: Saturday, February 24, 2007 8:14 AM
  Subject: Theos-World Alice Bailey and Theosophy

  Hi Theosophy World

  I come from the Alice Bailey tradition, but have also read a lot of the 
  traditional stuff. 

  When reading through a lot of your comments there seem to be a genuine 
  interest in psychic powers and how they can give valuable information's 
  but also lead us astray. 

  I have collected a lot of comments from Alice Baileys books about 
  psychism and how it turns into glamour. CWL plays a major role in it. 

  You can find it here: Alice Bailey and theosophy - A case study in 

  kind regards


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