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Re: [Mind and Brain] Re:Explaining Experience in Nature

Feb 23, 2007 03:57 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 2/11/07 5:57:05 PM, writes:

> Leon,
>  I usually stay away from topics like this (don't exclaim: you could've done 
> that now as well) but I admire creativity and abhor illogical twists, so I 
> ask my questions:
>  (I leave some of your paragraphs, because it is too hard to quote only 
> extracts)
>  John
I appreciate your interest... So, I'll attempt to answer all your questions 
with the hope that you continue asking them. :-)
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> *[Leon]  You seem to have overlooked the fact that the (measurable) 
> energetics of configuration space which causes it to expand -- must be empowered by a 
> pre cosmic primal force or source of energy that is outside of the metric or 
> configuration space-time you are talking about.  *
>  --JM: ...if you believe that it expands...(I don't)
If the pre cosmic ground space (which, while ever unknown to our finite 
minds) must have contained in it all the energy of the entire universe... That 
energy could only be in the form of abstract motion.  Since such motion would have 
to be nonlinear it could only be circular spin on an infinite number of axis 
at infinite velocities around each absolute zero-point of that unknown ground 

Thus, having infinite angular momentum on each axis of spin...   And, since 
each of those infinite zero-points could have no linear dimension, all of them 
would have to be coadunate, or located all in one place.   

That dimensionless place would be Einstein's "singularity" -- out of which 
this universe, among potentially infinite other universes, emanates (i.e., 
explodes) outward, as a single zero-point ray, expelled in opposite directions, 
That forms a triune circular field of expanding radius... Which, because of spin 
on at least one other perpendicular axis, weaves, in a continuously repeated 
spiral Mobius path, to complete the first iteration of fractally involved 
triune fields, like two bubbles within a surrounding bubble.   Each of which 
spinning inner field continues to fractally involve to coninue the series of 
descending spherical fields within fields within fields -- like Chinese bottles. See 
the 2D cross sectional symbolical diagrams of these 3D universal fields at:

Therefore, it's not the absolute zero-point ground space that expands, but 
the spinergy or G-force of those points that, when radiated into the fractally 
involved coenergetic fields explained above, expands outwardly toward infinite 
diameter -- as we observe in our lower order configuration or metric 
space-time continuum.   That expansion is continuously empowered by the negative 
gravity or repulsive negative G-force fields that emanates out of the primal zero 
point spinergy in opposite directions from our "light" positive G-force fields.  
 Thus accounting for the difference in chirality between the "light force" 
matter-energy and the "dark force" matter -energy postulated in current quantum 
cosmological theories.   
> what 'pre-cosmic'? "zero" is not zero? otherwise I agree.
Thank you for your agreement.   But, as explained above, that infinitely 
homogeneous pre-cosmic ground space must have an "absolute zero" dimension. (At 
least, from our metricized, quantized, or individualized points of view.)   This 
is no more counterintuitive than was (and still is) Einstein's theory of 
relativity, or the perturbations in the sub quantum vacuum.

However, after the first triune fractal or monad field is formed, all 
subsequent zero points at the adjoining poles and centers of each subsequent inner 
fractal field must have a linear metric dimension, in accord with the 
frequency-energy phase order of each fractally descending monadic field... The fourth 
fractal iteration of which would be at the lowest order zero-point energy level 
of our physical space-time continuum -- whose subsequent field involutional 
nature would be analogous to the first three fractal energy levels or "Logos" 
that completes the first seven fold cyclic order of cosmogenesis prior to the 
Big Bang "Birth" of our physical universe.   

Thus, out of the initial chaos or complexity of the spinergy at the absolute 
zero-point of primal ground space radiates orderly progressions of fractally 
involved spherical fields in simple octaval, decimal, and duodecimal series -- 
until, after the breaking of symmetry coupled with zero-point entanglement, 
comes the complexity of this entire physical space-time continuum and all the 
interconnected beings within it... Thus, completing the consummation of the 
"marriage," so to speak, of the metaphysical with the physical, the spirit or 
consciousness with matter, and the "creative" with the "receptive" (as seen in 
Eastern philosophies).   This is the true psychphysical new scientiic paradigm 
that Chalmer's suggested was needed to solve the enigma of explaining the 
experience of consciousness through its interrelationship with matter.

So, you are correct in seeing that on our physical level, the zero-point 
energy source empowering every quantum particle would have to have a greater than 
zero dimension.   In fact, this physical zero-point and its spinergy, that is 
located everywhere in the Planck space, is the first fundamental particle in 
our metric space... Which -- having at its inner source the absolute zero point 
of pre cosmic ground space in coadunation with each other -- would account 
for quantum entanglement, as well as near infinite zero-point energy... As 
theorized mathematically in quantum field and string theories, and confirmed by the 
Aspect and Casimir experiments.   

These, experiments, incidentally, could constitute a verification of string 
physics (in spite of statements made in this forum that all experiments to 
verify string theories have failed.   In addition, the ABC fractally involved fie
lds are -- in the first order of their coenergetic (electrodynamic) descent -- 
the "Hyperspace" fields enfolded in the Planck vacuum and also surrounding all 
matter in the universe predicted by string theorists.   Their major problem 
is that they have no idea of how to link these fields to the brain's EM fields 
and to consciousness (awareness, will, etc.) --   since they have yet to tie 
in the ability of all those essentially "electrical" fields to carry analog 
information in the form of wave interference patterns that can be inductively 
transformed from one fractal field to another -- i.e., from brain fields to mind 
fields, to memory fields, and from them (after holographic reconstruction by a 
coherent inner light) refleccted to the zero-point of perceptive 
consciousness jat is inherently aware of that higher order (tachyonic) light.
> [LEON]:
> That source, or first cause, stemming from "absolute" or primal space itself 
> is the zero-point I am referring to... Which, being a force without any 
> measurement, must be pure abstract, nonlinear angular motion (momentum) or 
> fundamental spin of "nothing," "sunyata," "void," "null space," etc. (i.e., having 
> no physical or measurable substance). 
>  --JM: 
>  Space before space - as FIRST? how many others before that?  Where did you 
> take "angular"?? from?? What spins?
>  'sunyata' is good, I dunno what it is. Remember the joke of Odysseus to 
> Polyphemos that his name was 'nobody'? when P was blinded and his brothers asked 
> "who hurt you"? he answered: "Nobody". - Spinning, I presume, with  an 
> angular momentum of nothing.
Sure.;-)   But, there is a categorical difference between unconditioned 
nonlinear motional ground space, that is directionally dimensionless, and manifest 
or conditioned linear phenomenal space that has directional dimensions.   
Since the latter metric space is something... And, since, as Buddha said, "nothing 
can come from nothing"... Then, it's logically obvious that the "first cause" 
underlying our 3D space which is that dimensionless ground space (known in 
the eastern thought as "Sunyata," or the "emptiness" that is also "fullness", 
and in the Kabbala as, "Ein Soph") -- must be "something." (Even if appearing in 
our mind to be nothing.) ... As I have, hopefully, clearly explained 
previously. :-)

In fact, there are multitudes   of different "spaces," since each fractal 
field is in a different space of its own -- with the first three fractal 
iterations (that are, in themselves, dual) corresponding to the initial six hyperspace 
fields (or enfolded "dimensions") postulated in string theories.   

Therefore, unless we can imagine this universe magically appearing out of 
nothing -- that primary "something" must be the noumena of phenomenal space as 
well as every derivative form within it, along with its being the only possible 
static center of nonlocal consciousness that must be the characteristic of the 
ubiquitous absolute zero-point itself... Keeping in mind that the fundamental 
quantum particles are nothing more than standing waves of configuration space 
in motion, radiating in and out of the zero-point at their centers.   

This was explained by Einstein right from the beginning of modern physics 
(that is, if you can read between the lines and in the words and symbols of his 
verbal and mathematical descriptions).   All of which, to be properly 
understood, must be geometrically and topologically envisioned in our imagination with 
its fully transparent, multidimensional enfoldment and vibratory 
differentiations.   Of course, there's much more to it than that, but this shoudl be 
enough, as starters, for those willing to concentrate and focus their mind on it.   
eventually, such a one might be able to see exactly how the field dynamics 
works in conunction with consciousness to turn holographic information into 
physical forms. 

Didn't Einstein say that "imagination is far more important than knowledge"?  
 I'm amazed at how blind most scientists are who can't visualize that 
simplicity out of complexity he intuited... And later proved, by combining the 
Maxwell and Lorentz-FitzGerald equations, among others, with his tensor analysis... 
To gave us all the ammunition needed to awaken our own inner vision?    
Unfortunately, it took many scientists nearly 30 years before they could fully 
accept and acknowledge these truths (with most of them still unable to grasp its 
geometry or dynamics intuitively).   Is that why Feynman could say with a 
straight face, "Anyone who says they understand quantum physics is either lying, or 
crazy" and, 'I can't imagine how Einstein intuited E=mc^2 based on the level 
of physical knowledge at that time"?   

As for how many other spaces there are before the ground space that gave 
birth to this universe... I'll leave that for the philosophers who would be still 
pondering that question some quadrillions of years from now during the next 
conscious life cycle of our universe. ;-)   

However, I'm content to think that zero must equal infinity (0=∞).   And that 
since the spinergy can be infinitely expandable, it can also be infinitely 
compressible ... Or, if that is too hard to take, infinitely divisible. :-)   
So, in this philosophy, since then is now and now is forever, I'm sure that in 
our highest order innermost zero point of self consciousness, we each already 
know the whole truth.   The only thing left then, if we want to know and apply 
it out here in the physical world, is to find the way to go in there and take 
it.   Admittedly, for some that might be an instant leap of intuition, and for 
others a long process of meditative practice under the guidance of a wise 
guru --or a combination of both.   But, there should be no doubt that it can be 
done by any of us.   (And, even those already conditioned by the false 
materialistic assumptions of today's established science.:-)
>  [LEON]: Therefore, that zero-point "nothingness" of infinite G- force 
> (which is the source of gravity and all the fundamental forces) that has no 
> measurement, is the "implicate order" theorized by Bohm and philosophized by 
> Whitehead. 
>  --JM:  Bohm and W. would be flattered. If that infinite G-force is in 
> string theory, it is G-string.
>  Ad vocem 'infinite' is identical to zero: no measures applicable. Eternity 
> = now, not "very long time". Infinite has no 'big' or 'small' quale.
>  Next par OK.  then:
> [Leon]:Also, as this zero-point must be everywhere at the center and poles 
> of all fractally involved fields,...
>  --JM: very complicated, all the way to the Einstein Bose condensates. -
>  I agree (much simpler) that some mental or ideational group you call 
> 'consciousness' IS aspatial and atemporal. It just does work in that figment 
> 'matter' with its tools (brain) in space and time. When it does not come to words, 
> we seem to agree.
How else can we describe anything without words -- even if the words in the 
English language has such a paucity of meaning as compared t the Hebrew, 
Sanskrit, Egyptian or Chinese languages.  To agree with the above it has to be that 
consciousness is the ground of all being, and that it must be outside of all 
space and time, and that the initial iterations of the fractally involved 
fields before coming down to earth, so to speak, at the fourth iteration, and until 
the breaking of symmetry -- are essentially analogous to the Bose-Einstein 

>  [LEON]:
>  Incidentally, since my ABC fractally involved field theory predicts this, 
> it could now be considered a valid scientific theory, and with its 
> accompanying mathematics presented by an accredited physicist, subject to peer reviewed 
> publication -- with a possible Nobel nomination in the offing...  (Hint, 
> hint, nudge, nudge, ;-)
>  --JM: I did not elevate to the mental level to familiarize myself with 
> your ABC - even before it got its math. Shame on me. I don't even think of the 
> tiniest Nobel for myself - ever.
If you or anyone else could come up with the math and also devise an 
experiment that proves the theory -- whoever did it would certainly be in line for the 
Nobel...   Since the discovery of such a new paradigm of science to explain 
consciousness would be on a par with the discovery of relativity and quantum 
physics... Although Einstein never got a Nobel for that.   While some did who 
confirmed those theories.   So, who knows how the ball bounces? :-) 
> [LEON]:...(...But none of that has anything to do with the zero-point of 
> "Absolute" space having infinite spinergy or G-force that I am talking about. ) 
> The finite space you are talking about, is nothing more than an imaginary 
> artifact of quantum physics that assumes the whole universe is of a material 
> nature which begins with that finite point, and therefore, cannot deal with the 
> reality of an underlying non dimensional causative primal space that has 
> infinite rootless energy along with pure consciousness as its fundamental dual 
> aspects.
>  --JM:
>  That's better. I woudl only discount the causative primal space and 
> 'energy' (what I don't know what it is) and the "pure" something I don't see 
> identified. Or better: se identified in any wat one needs it. Dual aspects I have, 
> don't want to go into it now.
Well, all anyone can do is think about it... And maybe originate the ideas -- 
that I've tried to present in word pictures as best I can -- in their own 
minds by pure intuition... Such as the way I imagined Einstein pondered on the 
possibility of everything in the universe being one thing.   And from that seed, 
imagining all the possibilities.   What more can be said or asked of anyone?  
 If they follow that lead, possibly with the help of my explanations, they'll 
either get it or they won't.   I can only hope many will, soon, and in the 
course of it, maybe assist in changing the minds of everyone else into seeing 
the connection of all with each other.... And get on with their own self 
realization, so as to use that that knowledge to help others... Until, maybe, the 
whole world learns how to help each other... Which might help to eventually end 
this horrible and destructive path of material oriented selfishness we are now 
forging blindly ahead on.

Best wishes,

>  [Leon]:
> Actually, ... (--JM: too complicated. basically I agree with the underlying 
> criticism of QM etc.)   
> Best wishes,
> Leon
> --JM:
>  Regards
>  John

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