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New Leadbeater discovery

Feb 22, 2007 08:30 PM
by gregory

The interesting discovery on what may or may not be Pedro’s website that
Leadbeater, his father and mother (but, alas, not brother Gerald) arrived
in Brazil on May 30, 1858, is a valuable contribution to ongoing research.
It would be interesting to know when the family left Brazil: they were
certainly back in London on April 7, 1861, when Leadbeater, Senior,
completed a census return. Unfortunately, Leadbeater’s claims about the
“adventure in Brazil” include, of course, brother Gerald, and is supposed
to have occurred between 1861-1862 The family could, I suppose, have
arrived in Brazil in 1858, have returned to London in time for the 1861
census, then journeyed back to Brazil, then rushed back to London in time
for Leadbeater, Senior, to die.

Leadbeater’s father must also moved from being a “book-keeper” (1854 birth
certificate and 1854 baptismal record of his son) and “railway clerk”
(1861 census) to “leading director” or “Chairman” (for the adventures in
Brazil – according to Leadbeater) to “book-keeper for a railway
contractor” (1862 death certificate).

Pedro and his friends might also like to do some research on the violent
“rebellion” in which Leadbeater and his father fought so valiantly (and in
which brother Gerald was murdered) and on General Martinez who led it.
Curiously, neither the rebellion nor the general seem to be known to
Brazilian history. I am sure Pedro can sort this mystery out.

The website clearly acknowledges the 1854 birthdate but tries carefully to
avoid the implication that Leadbeater’s later use of the 1847 birthdate
was a lie. Perhaps Pedro could explain the contradiction between this
acknowledgement and the declaration by the 11th General Episcopal Synod
(of which Pedro is now a member) of the Liberal Catholic Church in 1996
that the correct date was 1847. If the Synod was wrong, will Pedro be
taking action to have its 1996 declaration rescinded?

Dr Gregory Tillett


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