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Re: CW Leadbeater website

Feb 22, 2007 05:41 PM
by nhcareyta

Dear Marie
Thank you for alerting us to this website. It is a worthwhile 
contribution to an interesting debate.

On this site, Pedro takes what appears to be at first glance a 
reasoned approach to some of the issues surrounding Bishop 
Leadbeater. For the uninformed or faithful some of the ideas he 
presents sound entirely reasonable and supportable by any fair minded 
However for me, Pedro's work is an extraordinary minimisation of some 
real issues. 

As has been mentioned so many times in this forum, Bishop Leadbeater 
produced utterly contradictory accounts of occult teachings from 
Madame Blavatsky and her occult teachers, despite claiming to be in 
direct contact with those very same teachers. He also lied and 
deceived people on numerous occasions as is well documented and 

Unfortunately and yet again it needs to be stated that this is in no 
way suggesting that Madame Blavatsky and her teachers are in 
possession of absolute truth and that their students are, in effect, 
blind devotees as Pedro and others seem concerned about. This is an 
age old diversionary tactic, used consciously or unconsciously, of 
subtly suggesting something where often no such thing exists.

Furthermore and once again, it is not suggesting that Bishop 
Leadbeater was all bad and contributed nothing of any value. He was a 
dedicated and hard worker for his version of theosophy, his Society 
and his church.

However, Pedro either doesn't understand or doesn't want to 
understand the gravity of Bishop Leadbeater's many intellectual 
indiscretions and manifest incidents of breach of trust.
It seems that matters of honour, integrity and truth are unimportant 
with respect to spiritual teachers and teachings despite the good 
Bishop's ardent professions to the contrary in most of his works.

Kind regards

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> Hello Friends, I received this from another forum from Pedro 
Oliveira, but thought u all might enjoy this.
> Please find below the URL for a website dedicated to C. W. 
> With warm and fraternal regards to all,
> Marie and Pedro Oliveira
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