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Re: Theos-World on reposting materials

Feb 21, 2007 03:50 PM
by Cass Silva

Hi Eldon,
  I haven't a clue what he is talking about or even who he is. I will need to go back to the thread to see what it is all about.  I always post references so I am baffled.

Eldon B Tucker <> wrote:
          Earlier today, I got a communication from Neville Goddard regarding
something taken from his website. It seems that Cass posted a message last
May that included a copy of an article from his website. He has asked that
it be removed from the theos-talk archives. The message is:

and it appears to have been taken from:

I'll be removing it in the next week or two. I also agreed to post a message
from him about how he felt about finding an article from his website in our
archives. (That message follows at the end of this email.)

As a general rule, it's best to summarize and post links to other material
that is found on the Internet, because sometimes people can get upset when
they find their stuff on other sites, even if it's just in mailing list


---- forwarded message follows ----

From: [] 
Sent: Wednesday, February 21, 2007 9:00 AM
To: Theosophy World Editor
Subject: RE: THEOS-TALK message from "Neville Goddard Webmaster"

Dear All,

If any of you middle-aged, bourgeois, organic lentil baking, estuary
accented, Hampstead dwelling, sanctimonious, reality-shy, pension ring
fenced knob-polishers who taint our collective consciousness by
promulgating such drivel as Theosophy, wish to steal articles from my site
( and post them on crappy forums without permission,
then be prepared to have your skinny little knees capped! Or
alternatively, have the common decency to fucking ask me first! Because,
you know, you've hurt my fucking feelings!



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