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Re: on reposting materials ( must we take that serious?)

Feb 21, 2007 12:13 PM
by christinaleestemaker

If one speak like this Neville Goddard, about his fucking feelings 
and so on.
I don't think we must take anything serious of this fucking man.

It is out of control!
And anyone is free to give attention to other sites, take it of 
leave it.

-- In, "Eldon B Tucker" 
<eldon_tucker@...> wrote:
> Earlier today, I got a communication from Neville Goddard regarding
> something taken from his website. It seems that Cass posted a 
message last
> May that included a copy of an article from his website. He has 
asked that
> it be removed from the theos-talk archives. The message is:
> and it appears to have been taken from:
> I'll be removing it in the next week or two. I also agreed to post 
a message
> from him about how he felt about finding an article from his 
website in our
> archives. (That message follows at the end of this email.)
> As a general rule, it's best to summarize and post links to other 
> that is found on the Internet, because sometimes people can get 
upset when
> they find their stuff on other sites, even if it's just in mailing 
> archives.
> Eldon
> ---- forwarded message follows ----
> From: webmaster@... [mailto:webmaster@...] 
> Sent: Wednesday, February 21, 2007 9:00 AM
> To: Theosophy World Editor
> Subject: RE: THEOS-TALK message from "Neville Goddard Webmaster"
> <webmaster@...>
> Dear All,
> If any of you middle-aged, bourgeois, organic lentil baking, 
> accented, Hampstead dwelling, sanctimonious, reality-shy, pension 
> fenced knob-polishers who taint our collective consciousness by
> promulgating such drivel as Theosophy, wish to steal articles from 
my site
> ( and post them on crappy forums without 
> then be prepared to have your skinny little knees capped! Or
> alternatively, have the common decency to fucking ask me first! 
> you know, you've hurt my fucking feelings!
> Comprendere?

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