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re Extra Crazy Prophet

Feb 21, 2007 04:15 AM
by Mark Jaqua

      I don't know how to "nicely" deal 
with a ECP-obsessed person, but you 
really have my empathy.  Maybe you 
can ask them to leave and not come back 
- as it is a Theosophy group.  Maybe 
you can give them the "totally ignore 
them" treatment. Those types wreck any 
group they get into, I think.  I don't 
have much experience with theosophical 
groups, but did go to a Wheaton TS group 
in Findlay, Ohio about 15-20 years ago.  
It was run by a woman into Bailey with 
an "astral master."  We had to all 
recite a portion of the "Great Invocation" 
to start out the meeting (to get everyone 
under the influence of her entity, I 
suppose.)  She was getting messages from 
her "astral master" at the meeting, and 
her "astral master" told her that unless 
_I_ would agree to take over leadership 
of the group, that the group would be 
disbanded!  And this was the only meeting 
I went to!  Ha  Very, very spooky stuff!
          - jake j.
>2b. Free Energy, Seeking some advice re: and Elizabeth Claire Prophet
    Posted by: "Thomas Withey" twithey007
    Date: Mon Feb 19, 2007 7:10 pm ((PST))
  >Thanks Mark,
  >For your article on Free Energy. Some inventors  of it I was aware of, 
other I was not.  I attended one Tesla Conference ten years ago, and also 
attended a conference at the Orgone Bio Physics Lab up in Oregon run by Dr. 
James De Meo  in which there were two Germain MDs presenting information on 
using Orgone Energy on patients.   It is interesting that several people who 
used Reichıs weather engineering machines were struck by lightning, almost 
as if the elementals were taking a hand in preventing it.
  >I have a few questions of the group, one on how you all handle ECP
(Elizabeth Claire Prophet) people.  I have one of these in my Theosophy
Study Group who claims communications with the Masters, who seem to 
meddle in her every day affairs, only stopping so far as to tell her what
restaurants to go to!   I gave her a copy of Daniel Caldwellıs 
compilation from the Mahatma Letters on Psychic versus Initiate Visions and 
Knowledge which I greatly appreciated him posting.   She is extremely 
intelligent, erudite, educated and in control from what I have observed, otherwise.
  >She was ECPıs personal secretary for eight years in Montana, and 
recently she gave me a hard drive that she received from Montana of audio and 
video lectures form CUT (Church Universal and Triumphant) believing it only
contained  a hundred or so audio and video files and asked me to reduce 
the full files to Mp3s and mp2 to cut down on space.  As it turned out the 
files were already compressed and if I recall correctly there were 3,400 
audio and video lectures gong all the way back to before 1970.  (This included 
her Shasta Convention of 1975 where she channeled Jesus, Maitreya, Buddha, 
the Quan Yin, Mother Mary  etc. etc- she certainly had a monopoly on  the
spiritual Hierarchy in 1975!  I mentioned that they all sounded like 
the same person). 
  >I wish I had time to do a thorough analysis to point out the  
discrepancies or differences between what ECP taught and the HPB and Theosophical
literature.    Are any of you aware of any such article?   She gave me 
a book by a Guy Ballard, of the I AM movement, and it was rife with
differences and the book was very fantastical. There was a very 
friendly Puma that accompanied the La Comte  De St. Germain and a lot of gold 
mines in the  Grand Tetons and secret treasures.
  >I guess I leave it at that.

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