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Re: Theos-World Pyramid construction method?

Feb 21, 2007 02:07 AM
by samblo

   I think there is high probability that researcher at Keelynet have spent 
time on Leedskalnin's experiments. I don't if Leedskalnin had any interaction 
with Keely's Device or Theories there is no way to judge that. Leedskalnin was 
a lone wolf as far as I know very reclusive from his arrival here in America 
he begun his project almost immediately and was a virtual hermit for all 
practical purposes is seems to me. years ago I wondered if perhaps his Home in 
Latvia has provided him some source or mentoring that he inculcated before he left 
Latvia. I did searches for information about his life and activities prior to 
leaving and found nothing that could give anything useful. Keely was as 
protective in his own way as Leedskalnin was, Keely's Devices were sealed and he 
would not give instruction on his actual constructions. He did allow the outside 
to be seen but that didn't provide what was needed to know how is device 
actually worked.
    I get the image in my mind that Leedskalnin prepared his stones with 
straight Bar magnets perhaps in a cloth jacket that he slide the magnets into, and 
then holding his special Tool and using his Oscillator and tonal frequency of 
his voice he changed the magnetic flow in the matter of the Coral by 
directionally turning his Tool to an appropriate directional orientation. Kinda of 
like a Druid thing. ?????

Below are a few more Links, one that has many of Leedskalnin's Magnetic 
Experiments splendidly presented in Colored Graphics. And also a "Google IMAGE" 
Search with 3 pages of choices, some in Spanish or foreign language but most are 
in English.

 <A HREF="";>edward Leedskalnin - Google Image Search</A>;

 <A HREF="";>Directory:Leedskalnin Magnetic Currents:Monsieur Bonheur - PESWiki</A>

Here is a Levitation page that show an Indian Yoga Master in Levitation with 
two photographs:

 <A HREF="";>Self Levitation, Human Levitation, Self Levitation, Human Self Levitation.</A>


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