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Re: Theos-World Pyramid construction method?

Feb 20, 2007 08:51 PM
by Cass Silva

Thanks John,
  I wonder if anyone at Keelynet have tried the experiment, and if not, why not?  Obviously  Keely's discovery would be dangerous in the wrong hands and was either suppressed by Keely or others at the time.  I wonder if there is a connection between Keely and Leedskalnin.  Could Leedskalnin have gotten a hold of Keely's work? 
  Cass wrote:
          Adam, Cass, all,
Thanks Adam for he post, I have been Googling and can update a few items 
now. Leedskalnin's "Magnetic Current" Book is now online for free reading as is 
the "A Book in Every Home" and several other literature's. There is a good 
listing on Google for "Edward Leedskalnin" I provide that link also below.

I think the "Magnetic Current Book" is worth reading and he points 
throughout to the "Symbol" on it's cover as a Tool he used to work the Magnetic Flows 
and the shape of the Tool follows the familiar "Right Hand Rule" know to all 
in electric uses. has any one seen a depiction in ancient Egyptian resource 
that imitates the "Tool" Leedskalnin points too?

<A HREF="";>Magnetic Cirrent by Edward Leedskalnin</A>

<A HREF="";>What is Life by Edward Leedskalnin</A>

<A HREF="";>Magnetic Current Advertisement - Leedskalnin</A>

<A HREF="";>Coral Castle - 20th Century Wonder-Dr. Bruce Cathie</A>

<A HREF="";>Leedskalnin Index Page</A>

<A HREF="";>::: Welcome to Coral Castle :::</A>

<A HREF="";>edward leedskalnin - Google Search</A>


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