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Re: Theos-World Pyramid construction method?

Feb 20, 2007 11:01 AM
by samblo

Adam, Cass, all,
   Thanks Adam for he post, I have been Googling and can update a few items 
now. Leedskalnin's "Magnetic Current" Book is now online for free reading as is 
the "A Book in Every Home" and several other literature's. There is a good 
listing on Google for "Edward Leedskalnin" I provide that link also below.

   I think the "Magnetic Current Book" is worth reading and he points 
throughout to the "Symbol" on it's cover as a Tool he used to work the Magnetic Flows 
and the shape of the Tool follows the familiar "Right Hand Rule" know to all 
in electric uses. has any one seen a depiction in ancient Egyptian resource 
that imitates the "Tool" Leedskalnin points too?

 <A HREF="";>Magnetic Cirrent by Edward Leedskalnin</A>

 <A HREF="";>What is Life by Edward Leedskalnin</A>

 <A HREF="";>Magnetic Current Advertisement - Leedskalnin</A>

 <A HREF="";>Coral Castle - 20th Century Wonder-Dr. Bruce Cathie</A>

 <A HREF="";>Leedskalnin Index Page</A>

 <A HREF="";>::: Welcome to Coral Castle :::</A>

 <A HREF="";>edward leedskalnin - Google Search</A>


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