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Re: Theos-World Pyramid construction method?

Feb 20, 2007 07:21 AM
by Adam Kofoid

Unfortunately, there were no solid eyewitnesses to Ed's science. There was a
brief moment in time where Ed had actually picked up his whole castle
shipped to Homestead, Fl from a site near by. The man who was driving the
flatbed truck was one of Edwards close acquaintances. Even he was not
provided the understanding of his technique. The driver was simply asked to
step away, and moments later, Ed had placed a stone weighing tons onto the
back of the flat bed... by himself. Many may try to "debunk" this situation.
The hard truth is that, there IS no debunking to do be done. A man of tiny
build constructed a Castle out of stones that were comparable to the stones
at the great pyramid. It's turned into a full fledged mystery.  If one man
can accomplish this, imagine what the whole country of Egypt could do. They
could have built anything they had chosen I'm sure. The size of the Great
Pyramid is completely significant. Every contour and dimension reveals its
megalithic intentions. Very much in the same style Edward build in. One need
only look at his monument an understand that he build it in honor of the
goddess or "Lunar Cult" while others also held great esteem as well. This
was the "She" that he refers too so often in his book "A Book in Every
Home". Which reads like a chauvinistic-communistic political statement.
Edward fancied writing in a method likened unto a parable sort rhythm. He
specifically allowed just as many blank pages in his book as he did text
pages. Almost coaxing his readers to see past the apparent meaning of his
mundane words. Whenever asked about his ability to move great weight, he
only replied that he  "had discovered the secrets of the ancients and you
could learn too if you tried hard enough. No man can eat for you, or think
for you, how can anyone learn for you...?" (paraphrasing)    I have mixed
feelings on his urge to refrain from giving his knowledge to the common
people. But the bitter truth is that his secret was his livelihood, his only
income was his entry fees. Though, he was certainly not greedy, children
would come to spy on the "old wizard" all of the time and he would take them
in happily, cook them hot dogs, and teach them out to think openly. However,
not a single soul was shown his secret.

On 2/19/07, <> wrote:
>   Cass,
> I personally have not read a direct witness report who actually gave an
> educated detailed description and analysis step by step yet. Hard to
> believe
> that with the notoriety that he had in the general area that no one
> managed to
> see exactly how he did it in all that time isn't it?
> Well, here are a few Links about Edward leedskalinin:
> <A HREF="<>">Sacred
> Secrets - Leedskalnin</A>
> <A HREF="
> Research Books : Leedskalnin Books</A>
> <A HREF="";>Eduard
> leedskalnin magnetic Wheel (Noory)</A>
> Discovered</A>
> Enjoy,
> John
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