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Re: Theos-World Pyramid construction method?

Feb 19, 2007 05:28 PM
by samblo

   Thanks for the Leedskalnin post. I have for a long time been fascinated by 
his Coral Castle. Yep, there were no large arrays of Tibetan Monks, Long 
Horns, Drums, Singing Choirs of Monks when he performed his stone moving feats. It 
is all still a mystery of exactly how he did it. Isn't irritating how they 
all seem to take it to the grave with me them leaving us all to perpetual 
consternation's? How entirely inconsiderate!
   Well, for people here who want to get Leedskalnins "Magnetic Current" Book 
he wrote here is one source:

Health Research
Box 850
Pomeroy, Wa. 99347
Ph:  (509) 843-2385
Fax:(509)  843-2387

"Magnetic Current" by Edward Leedskalnin
ISBN #0-7873-0549-9
26 page
$11.50 USD


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