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Re: Theos-World Pyramid construction method?

Feb 19, 2007 11:55 AM
by Adam Kofoid

I am not sure if this man has been referenceded before but I would like to
sight the enigmatic Edward Leedskalnin as an addition to this topic. His
demonstration of superior knowledge in physics is made evident in a most
succinct fashion through his "Coral Castle" in Homestead, Fl. He used blocks
of coral averaging in the tons to build a castle, or perhaps, rather a
garden. He claimed to know the secrets of the ancients and the key to the
assembly of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. The castle feet itself is not
impossible for modern mechanics, though the amazing factor that continues to
astound me is the hard fact that he built the whole structure by himself...
and not a soul saw him do it. He had an amazing ability to sense the
pressence of people when they drew near. Edward himself was a man of rather
scrawny stature, was under 5 feet tall and had a formal fourth grade
education to draw upon. Because of his poor grammar and "obvious"
intellectual inferiority scientist blew him off, but his castle still stands
today as a testament to his genius. Edward has left several clues as to how
he went about his building methodology. There are a almost a dozen pamphlets
of his writings. He left sacred geometry everywhere within his garden. There
are several areas where he deliberately carved ratios and numbers into walls
and buildings. He left many of his tools of which included many tinkerings
ranging from homemade batteries to homemade radios, magnets and so on. I
personally feel it is very revealing that the only case were people had
tried to "catch Ed in the act" they only heard him "singing to the rocks".
Very peculiar indeed, along with his radios (which I believe had something
to do with generating some sort of resonance or harmonics when tuned to his
numeric specifications) in which he possibly arranged in patterns around his
work sight, I have a hard time believing he was "just listening to the
radio" In addition to his science and megaliths, he shows constant
demonstrations of the understanding of esoteric knowledge. He even goes as
far as to the extent in which he has a personal scrying pool with a black
bottom in the midst of his garden. I have personally been to his castle and
would recommend seeing it to anyone who is interested in megaliths and the
reality that they were indeed built by man. Ed's efforts have proved that
the theory of many men pulling a single block for a pyramid is a
rather superfluous task. With this kind of technology the Egyptians would
have been able to finish the pyramids WELL within the allotted time of
construction. I personally believe they were built in under a year and was a
community effort and celebration. As for the pyramids use, the tomb theory
is the most prevalent among mainstream science (but look what they said to
Edward) I personally find the Giza Powerplant Theory simply fascinating.

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> Actually, haarp has nothing to do with sound.
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