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Re: Theos-World Acoustic Levitation, Bio-photons, Acupuncture, Post-death HPB to Judge on Spain an Ireland. Etc.

Feb 18, 2007 02:35 PM
by Cass Silva

Thanks for this informative and welcome addition to the discussion.  Will check out the sites later in the day.

Thomas Withey <> wrote:
          Hi all, 

Somewhere in storage I have the accounts of stone levitation that was
reported in a book published in the 1930s by Tibetan Monks. I also have a
something like twelve NASA patents on acoustic levitation that were
published in a journal called Sympathetic Vibratory Physics by Dale Pond.
NASA could only levitate small object a few ounces in weight if I recall

Dale Pond is an adherent to the work of John Worrel Keely, who was mentioned
by HPB in the Secret Doctrine (or was it Isis Unveiled?) There is a website
stating it has 10,000 pages of documents you can peruse. He has his own
theories, which I do not necessarily subscribe to.

This is a web article about the acoustic levitation of fluids, but not
objects as done by NASA in the patents I have seen.

Also there is a Canadian rogue mad scientist, who is well known in Canada,
by the name of John Hutchinson, who levitates heavy items, some weighing a
hundred pounds with radio waves. The phenomenon is called the Hutchinson
Effect. The effect is not always predictable, and some objects actually
have fused with other objects, or spontaneously melted. He is the real deal,
not some pretender. I have some videos showing the phenomenon also in
storage. - 34k

One last thing: 
It is interesting that many scientific experiments, particularly those
dealing with ³free energy² devices, work when the inventor is present, but
do not work when they are away from the experiment. HPB if I recall, made
this comment as does Dr. William A. Tiller, PhD, retired from Stanford.
However, if memory serves me correctly, Keely, who had heard of this
statement from HPB, disputed it.

You might want to check out

And just as an aside, I have somewhere articles from Science News magazine
about scientists who have recorded acoustic communications of different
organelles within the individual cells. I have a video or an article from
the World Research Foundation that shows that beams of light placed at
acupuncture points conducts up the meridian points, and another which from
scientists who inject radio isotopes into the acupuncture points that they
follow the meridian pathways. I also have a book from Dr. Motoyama from
Japan who did his thesis where he measured radiations coming from the
chakras, and also a video and audio cassette or two on the work of Dr.
Valerie Hunt, retired UCLA professor, who recorded sounds coming from the
points on the body where the chakras are. All of these advances are still
not definitive enough, and more sophistication of measuring equipment or new
breakthroughs in technology may have to be forthcoming. The recent
advancement in super conducting magnetometers or SQUIDS as they are called,
is promising. One of these devices can detect the magnetic flux of the
heart beating. 

Now, just as another aside, in the Agni Yoga books, allegedly dictated by
Master Morya to Helena Roerich, the wife of artist Nicholas Roerich, there
was a statement made about how important Spain was. I also remember a
statement made by WQ Judge that Ireland would eventually go into the sea
again, and that it had powerful ancient thought forms there from Atlantean
times (I may be mistaken about this). He does say something to the effect
that Ireland was a remnant of Atlantis.

Tom Withey, tooting his horn at the UCLA Music Department.

On 2/16/07 4:46 PM, "Cass Silva" <> wrote:

> Interesting Mark, what HPB said about sound.
> Sound creates a force which is heavier than air, else how else would the
> blocks levitate? I would like to know how they got them into position?
> Cass
> Mark Jaqua < <> > wrote:
> Pyramid stones Levitated?
> Here's another possibility for
> the building of the Pyramids and other
> structures with huge stones. There
> is a diagram in the book.
> (Taken from "The Cycles of Heaven" by Guy
> Playfair & Scott Hill, Avon Books, 1978)
> "...noise can be put to good use, the most
> off-beat of which in our experience comes from Tibet,
> where apparently it is, or has been, used to raise
> blocks of stone. We would hesitate to mention this but
> for the remarkably detailed evidence provided by the
> late Henry Kjellson, one of the pioneers of Sweden's
> aircraft industry, who has left a very precise
> description of how Tibetan monks build walls on high
> rocky ledges. It is based on first-hand evidence, and
> we have also been able to obtain his original drawings
> of the event, which is reproduced here . . .
> "Blocks of stone measuring 1.5 metres square were
> hauled up to a plateau by yaks, and placed over a
> specially dug bowl-shaped hole one metre in diameter
> and 15 cm. deep. The hole was 100 metres from the
> sheer rock wall on top of which the building,
> presumably a hermitage of some sort, was to be built.
> Sixty-three metres back from the stone there stood
> nineteen musicians, spaced at five degree intervals to
> form a quarter-circle, in groups, as clearly shown on
> Kjellson's drawing. Measurements were taken extremely
> carefully, using a knotted leather thong.
> Behind the musicians, about 200 priests arranged
> themselves so that about ten stood behind each
> musician. The instruments involved were drums and
> trumpets of various sizes, (Kjellson gives the exact
> dimensions of the 13 drums and six trumpets that made
> up this unusual orchestra.)
> "Then, at the command of the chief priest, the
> music began. The beat was set by a gigantic drum
> weighing 150 kilos and slung from a specially built
> frame so that it was off the ground. (See inset in
> illustration.) Two monks took turns at each trumpet,
> blowing a total of two blasts per minute. All six
> trumpets were pointed towards the stone on its
> launching pad, and after about four minutes of what
> must have been indescribable racket (since the
> meticulous Kjellson fails to describe it), the stone
> rose into the air, wobbled slightly, and then, as the
> noise from trumpets, drums and chanting priests
> increased, followed a precise parabolic course of some
> 400 metres up to the top of the cliff. In this way, we
> are told, five or six blocks were lifted in an
> hour..."
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