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Re: Theos-World 2012-The Future of Mankind

Feb 17, 2007 05:28 AM
by samblo

   Well in Buddhism of the Mahayana there are ten Stages of the Bodhisattva 
Consciousness which could be correlate to the Dimensions of today's science 
taken from a certain aspect and the Great Shurangama Sutra has sections that 
dialogue on the "stages." In the Kabala "Daath" is the Eighth Sphere. In Buddhism 
the Bodhisattva Avalokitsvara (He who looks upon the world) is inseparable 
with the Eighth Consciousness - The Earth Storehouse Consciousness, equivalent of 
the Jungian Subconscious of the "Curtain of the Archetypes" wherein are found 
the original perfected forms in all possible conception past, present, and 
future in latent potentia. These are correlate to the "Non-Local Quantum Matrix 
which is in a Non-Local Dimension as is Consciousness itself in Stages of 
simultaneity with a "gateway" of the zero point from the standpoint of today's 
science. Gariaev's Team has made the comment that it is apparent to them that 
there is "A" Consciousness over and beyond the Non-Local Quantum Matrix which 
Mediates and is inseparable, intrinsic and vital to subtle template of the 
physical form we experience as our body due to our interiorized perceptual level. It 
is likely that the Mediating Senior Conscoiusness that Gariaev's Team 
postulates is what is called the 9th Consciousness of the 10 stages of the 
Bodhisattva - "The Great Mirror Wisdom" this is discussed in Mahayana and Tibetan 
Sutras. One can simplify for the sake of brevity, to view that there is just One 
Cosmic Consciousness but the Mahayana, Tibetan, Hindu and other Paradigm 
instructs on many more divisions which they long ago considered both practical and 
appropriate. In the West here we are not historically acclimated to the eastern 
views. Life itself is ubiquitous and Consciousness itself is both life and 

   The Subtle is always in communication with the Physical but at the level 
of DNA. Cell, Chromosomes, Genes etc; we presently has lost the conscious 
awareness of the voice of this large chorus that takes place every moment we exist 
in every cell of our form. Visualize that when our form has a need for 
survival or a more optimized ability, a type of awareness sets in motion a request 
from our holistic form to the Non-local Matrix as a "query" that asks what is 
the next small step of improvement and what context, change, form, geometry, 
mutation is closest to ideal that can be achieved. The Non-local performs a 
Google Search to find all the possible potentia of change of a  specific form, and 
when the "array" is assembled it makes the best choice that has the highest 
percentile of possible achievement and then it transmits the Data Information 
and Template specifications in particular back through the zero point from the 
Non-Local to our Form in the Local which receives it, processes it, integrates 
it and sets the initializations of the implementation to alter the from 
following the recommendation from given by the Non-Local.

   Yes, there are similarities to what Leon is Postulating in his dialogues 
and posts here, but, Gariaev Team has filled in much of the emptiness that the 
purely Physical Physics Theorem does not treat of.  
   Maybe the "spin" is that we and the creation is a "work in progress" in 
which we play at both ends both roles, all the while "Not-knowing" so we can 
cause persistence.


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