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Re: Theos-World 2012-The Future of Mankind

Feb 16, 2007 04:09 PM
by Cass Silva

Thanks John,
  I will take a look at it.  It sounds the same thing as what Leon is saying, but these guys need to bring it down as this concept is so abstract that I have trouble really understanding what they are saying.  The zero point is omnipresent existing with but separate from the present.  Universal consciousness is omnipresent, particular consciousness is present, the particular partakes of the universal?   Where does the spin come in?
  This is where I get lost.
  Cass wrote:
Well, just to indicate a correlate wording From the Peter Gariaev Research 

>> Postulates of the new paradigm 

1) All living organisms consist of two substances: the material substance and 
the energy-informational (EI) (or subtle) substance.2) The key property which 
distinguishes the EI substance, and the corresponding EI field, from all 
substances and fields known in modern physics is that the EI substance is 
omnipresent, i.e. it is present simultaneously at each point in the space of our three 
dimensional material world. This means, in particular, that the distance 
between EI substances of any two material objects in our three dimensional world 
is always zero, no matter how far they are located physically from each 
other.3) In agreement with Postulate 1), we assume that each living organism exists 
at two levels: the material level and the EI level.4) The two levels of an 
organism are intimately linked with each other and affect the condition of each 
other as well as reflect the condition of each other. Moreover, the EI level is 
the leading one.5) We define life as a dynamic exchange of energy and 
information between a physical organism and its EI (or subtle) counterpart. 

Excerpt above taken from:

>> <A HREF="";>Gariaev 06-Crisis in Life Sciences-The Wave Genetics Response</A> <<



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