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Re: Theos-World W.Q. Judge: "...what HPB said to me Jany 3 [1895]...." .

Feb 16, 2007 12:15 PM
by Noel vasco

What lodge in Spain?

Frank Reitemeyer <> escribió:          
It is interesting to know that the colors HPB mentions to Judge:
>The light mentioned in Spain is of seven sides & a purple & yellow light.

can be re-discovered in the Point Loma flag which is of purple and yellow 
Is there a connection between the Point Loma Mystery School and the Lodge in 
Spain which HPB mentions?
Who designed the Point Loma flag?

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Subject: Theos-World W.Q. Judge: "...what HPB said to me Jany 3 [1895]...." 

On Janaury 4, 1895, William Q. Judge wrote to
Archibald Keightley:

"Enclosed is an exact transcript of what HPB said to
me Jany 3 [1895]...."

Below is a link to "what HPB said":



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