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Re: Theos-World 2012-The Future of Mankind

Feb 14, 2007 07:32 PM
by samblo

In a message dated 2/12/2007 8:40:19 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:


 Thanks for the link which I read. Well, essentially Scientists discovered 
Biophotonic emissions decades ago but in more recent times after they had 
investigated the matter more fully to determine what the significance and nature of 
this activity pointed too, much of value came in to the light. Below is a link 
to an article by my friend who posted a timeline and Peer paper chronology of 
Biophotonics that were relative to the arrivals of the Gariaev Research team, 
it will provide details of hard Science and the Pathfinders who have made 
most valuable efforts and contributions cumulatively to present. Biophotonics has 
now become normalized Medical Research, Univ. of California has a Center for 
Biophotonic Research close to me and it is serious Research not fringe groups.

>> <A HREF="";>Quantum Holographic Biophotonic Fields by William F. Hamilton III</A><<


  In the article it mentions the use of Ultraviolet Light (UV) on an area 
diseased by Psoriasis and shows changes before and after irradiation. The disease 
manifests by layering unneeded layers if skin cells and is a precursor to 
cancer. The response to the UV is shown to have stimulated photonic emission 
rates which essentially are the process of communication at the photonic 
acoustic/coherent IR. Laser emission level this information passing is hierarchically 
transferred to Chromosomes, Genes, DNA. RNA, mRNA. The other part is 
instantaneous information transfer to and from the Non-Local Quantum Matrix that 
mediates and regulates the template data information that creates physical forms 
(Subtle). Biophotonic response can indicate active process to change a condition 
back to it's more ideal original constitution and context as result of the 
Photonic process. One cannot see the Biophotonic Light as it is at Photon Particle 
Level of scale but is can and is scientifically measured. All living cell 
(and dead cells can be the target of this Holographic Standing Wave Communication 
Process of the Physical Constitution of the whole body form and the Eighth 
Consciousness (The Earth Storehouse (Called Non-Local Quantum Matrix by today's 
Science)) and a continual intrinsic process from first cellular conception to 
death. "One Cell has Life-----And from IT Man shall Strive----Cloning of LIFE 
and MIND". (Using the incipient intrinsic uninterruptible instantaneous 
superluminal holistic holographic context of Reality that presents as form and 

>> <A HREF="";>The DNA Phantom Effect</A>


Here is a new Scientific Achievement that can show an aspect of BioPhotonics

>> <A HREF="";>Ultra-Dense Optical Storage On One Photon</A> <<


Gariaev Research Team 

>> <A HREF="";>The DNA-wave Biocomputer-Solitonic Wave</A><<


As HPB Described the Subtle Bodies as possessing the Template of our Body you 
will see here above and in the other a fuller description of the actual 
reality and process in my humble opinion.


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