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Re: Chris Holmes

Feb 14, 2007 06:53 PM
by leonmaurer

Yeah, Reggie,

Brilliant guy, and a great teacher.   

I was introduced to Chris about five or six years ago through John Desantis (   Also had some talks with him on the phone as well as 
correspondence.   He follows my work through the theos-talk and mind-brain online 
forums.   To see how close we got, see: microcosm_I2   <>   

I pretty much gave up working on my book about ABC and the coming new 
technologies based on it -- since I anticipate most of it will be included in Volume 
III of Holmes series.   He could very well be the New Messenger (or at least 
one of them;-) predicted by HPB -- since all his books and teachings rest 
solidly on the Secret Doctrine and he is an accredited scientist with a great 
knowledge of the same cutting edges of science and technology that I'm trying to 
consolidate, through ABC theory, with the fundamental principles and 
metaphysical truths outlined in the SD. 

I have no doubt that one day, not too far in the future, science will accept 
the new ABC paradigm of physical, biological and psychological science that 
Chris and I see and are developing from our different heart and head angles (as 
a new science of consiousness that includes physics as a derivative part of 
it;-) ...   As HPB predicted would occur during the first quarter of this 
century -- similarly to her presaging and predicting the coming of relativity and 
quantum physics during the first quarter of the last century.   This last stage 
will fulfill all the prophesies made by the original teachers since the 
movement started around 600 years ago.   Win or lose the race, this is the final 
stage when with full knowledge of what and how the universe really is and works, 
the choice will be made by all of us who have reached a state of self 
realization and have become the nucleus of universal brotherhood. (Not to imply, since 
no one can know the whole truth or be totally aware at all times, that we 
can't still thoughtlessly do and say stupid things, from time to time, in this 
life of stress and strain. ... But we should always stand ready to be corrected, 
and take the world, as it appears to be on the surface or as they say it is, 
with a grain of salt.:-)

Stay tuned, 


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