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Re: Theos-World 2012-The Future of Mankind

Feb 14, 2007 04:17 PM
by Cass Silva

"Where in our age, can we point to anything comparable to the rock temples of Ipsambul in Lower Nubia?  There may be seen fitting figures seventy feet high, carved out of the living rock.  The torso of the statue of Rameses 11 at Thebes, measures sixty feet around the shoulders, and elsewhere in proportion.  Beside such titanic sculpture our own seems that of pigmies.  Iron was known to the Egyptians at least long before the construction of the first ypramid, which is over 20,000 years ago, according to Bunsen.  The proof of this had remained hidden for many thousands of years in the pyramid of Cheops, until Colonel Howard Vyse, found it in the shape of a piece of iron, in one of the joints, where it had evidently been placed at the time this pyramid was first built.  Egyptologists adduce many indications that the ancients were perfectly well acquaintged with metallurgy in prehistoric times.  "Tlo this day we can fibnd at Sinai large heaps of scoriae, produced by smelting. 
 Metalurgy and chemistry, as practices in those days were known as alchemy, and were at the bottom of prehistoric magic.
  Dr David Brewster gives a glowing description of several automata, and the eighteenth century takes pride in that masterpiece of mechanical art, the "flute player of Vaucanson."  The little we can glean of positive information on that subject, from ancient writers, warrants the belief that the learned mechanicians in the days of Archimedes, and some of them much anterior to the great Syracusa, were in no wise more ignorant or less ingenious than our modern inventors.  Archytas, a native of Tarentum, in Italy, the instructor of Plato, a philosopher distinguished for his mathematical achievement and wonderful discoveries in practal mechanics, constructed a wooden dove.  It must have been an extraordinarly ingenious mecha nism, as it flew, fluttered its wings, and sustained itself for a considerable time in the air.  This skilful man, who lived 400 years B.C. invented besides the wooden dove, the screw, the crane and various hydraulic machines. A.Gell: Noet Attic, lib x, cap
  These extracts from Isis Unveiled P544, Vol.1 wrote:
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Are you sure - ever heard of genesis

Have you ever heard of the gods sewing teeth in the ground to grow people? 
Genesis??? What next, the tooth fairy and Santa Claus?

Chuck the Heretic

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