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Re: Theos-World 2012-The Future of Mankind

Feb 13, 2007 04:23 PM
by Cass Silva

Hi John
  Your comments are appreciated and taken on board.
  Cass wrote:
My most sincere advice as friend and member here, is always go to the 
original source. Avoid if at all possible secondary or third party sources. In 
this case people who become aware of the real discoveries of others, and, who 
then take the gist of it and elaborate it to others often distorting or changing 
the real data. I have seen this occur many times in the new age movement by 
opportunists who have no expertise in the hard Science and make wide 
generalities, produce CD's Tapes, Video's and go on Lecture Tours getting sometimes 
exorbitant fee's ($5000/appearance). None of the generalized often distorted things 
they proclaim to the public can be a substitute for direct knowledge from the 
original source. Search "Gariaev" using Google, read his pages slowly, fully, 
digesting carefully the contents. Edgar Cayce once said "Out of Russia will 
come the Hope of the World." He did not elaborate.
. Gariaev, Benveniste, Poponin revealed the real "Substrate" of Physical 
Form and Disease!!! Cancer cannot be conquered completely if the nonphysical 
Information Template that constitutes what creates Cancer remains present even 
after complete process of Chemotherapy and/or surgical removal is performed. 
These Templates have been reproducibly, scientifically, proven to continue to 
exist and persist for months after all physical trace of the disease is removed 
from the body. Secondary source on things like this are unacceptable for 
understanding and comprehension.


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