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Re: Theos-World 2012-The Future of Mankind

Feb 12, 2007 08:39 PM
by Cass Silva

Hi John
  Thanks for pointing this out to me.  I have recently heard (Michael Tsarion) that light photons are emitted from the human body at 100 units per something, based on the work of Fritz Popp. Tsarion says that DNA directly reflects our consciounsess and is a bridge between our physical and etheric bodies making it possible for us to consciously change our DNA.
  Perhaps you can make some "common" sense of the attached article.
  Cass wrote:
I have also read this announcement. It of course has special interest to 
me. But----------NO ONE KNOWS who this Dr. Chang is! The generality that Dr. 
Chang is in the Human Genome Group shields and fails to show where he is, or 
which part of the many World-Wide Genome Groups he is actually part of. Senior 
Scientists who are part of the Human genome Project never heard of him! 
Googling him is a dead end! It appears to me the original article appeared on the 
primary "Progressive Newspaper" in Canada and the banner of the online website is 
intentionally blurred so that the word "Socialist" is unreadable or nearly 
so. A prominent former Socialist Minister of the Canadian Government who is 
vocal about ET and UFO's may through some light on the actual source. The original 
I read doesn't have Dr. Chang making this announcement but instead another 
person he is alleged to have brought in to see if he could use software to make 
sense or pattern of the "Junk DNA." This other person has zero background in 
Biological Genetics and is a Software Engineer. It was this other person who 
then communicates the software process he used proves that the "JUNK" is a form 
of DNA that has no correlate from any Earth source and is Extraterrestrial. I 
sent the link to a long time friend who spent an entire career as a Programer 
Analyst and Legacy Software Expert.and also was a MUFON Representative and 
former President of Skywatch International and who is researching "Panspermia" 
issues. He was not impressed or excited by this article.
I have quite a bit of reservations due to the "unknown" Dr. Chang and the 
way the so-called "discovery" is explained. I do know that earth shaking 
discoveries have been made that promise to revolutionize many disciplines shortly 
(within 20 years) but these do not involve any ET participation's as far as I 
am aware.

I have from time to time posted links for Dr. Peter Gariaev, Dr.Jacques 
Benveniste, and Dr. Vladimer Poponin, Dr. Fritz Albert Popp, and no one 
registered an interest at all. The hard research and finding of these Researcher are 
going to validate certain things about subtle energy, forms, and other matters 
HPB could not elaborate on then. Now immense profound incalculable change is 
very near. Hypercommunication, Solitronic Wave Genetics, and all that is 
attendant to human understanding about origin of disease in the realm of non-Local 
Magnetic/Electronicmatrix and Template of the very form of all Life is a heart 
beat away. Recent willingness of current Medical, Scientific, Genetic, 
Biological, Mathematical, Physicists to approach this new understandings and the 
discoveries are a better ground than has been present up to now. There is both 
great benefit and great danger but we will see Man reach and find real cures not 

<A HREF="";>The Canadian National Newspaper: Scientists find Extraterrestrial genes in 

<A HREF="";> DNA Interview</A>


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